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    About Buick Allure Fog Lights

    Buick is a well-known American auto brand founded in 1899 by David Buick. Over the years, the aftermarket has really grown and become part of General Motors. Today, Buick is a name known not only in the USA, but all over the world, for the simple and attractive cars it produces. The Buick Allure is a perfect example of this description, and is really a great car for anyone, as long as they’re not driving with a large group of people. Travelling is smooth and comfortable in the Allure, but if you plan on driving through the wilderness or other secluded, closed spaces, you must remember to be prepared. In places like these, fog is very common, and if you’re driving at night, visibility is very limited, so having a good set of fog lights is simply crucial. The Buick Allure fog lights sold at CARiD are up to standard and are sure to serve you well if you invest in them.

    Since most cars come with fog lights installed, many people buy our custom models to improve the overall look and performance of their lights, or to simply replace their malfunctioning ones. Browsing through our site is very easy, and it should be easy for you to narrow down your search and find a suitable model. If you need any assistance or advice, our qualified staff is always ready to help out and make your life easier.

    Unlike many companies that sell automotive parts and accessories, we encourage our employees to actually test available choices on their own cars before we offer them for sale. Because we want you to be satisfied with what we offer, we also invite you to take a look at over 310 product reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars to see what customers who have already purchased from us say. And if you have specific questions about any fog light products we sell, our specialists are available seven days a week.

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    There is now LED lighting technology available for every conventional automotive lighting purpose. The incandescent bulbs haven’t really developed that much in the 140 years they have existed, while the development rate of LEDs is very rapid, with LED performance being doubled every 36 months, a development rate that is similar to the fast pace of computer...
    Today, halogen bulbs are most often used for headlights and fog lights, and their increased light output increases driver visibility in darkness and inclement weather. Halogen bulbs are a variant of the traditional incandescent bulbs that have been used since the early days of the electric light. The bulb is either evacuated (has a vacuum) or filled with an inert...

    Customer Reviews
    2008 Toyota Corolla
    Posted by

    "Fits nicely. This is the second product I've purchased, and I must say I'm never disappointed with CARiD."

    2013 Toyota Camry
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    2010 Scion tC
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    "Everything was a headache to find with a great price and excellent quality... It turns out to be so easy after discovering CARiD. Thanks for helping..."

    2006 Infiniti FX35
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    "They look terrific after you proper install, now to do that on a Infiniti FX35 without removing the front bumper is a little difficult because the original fog lights come with a mounting bracket that is impossible to use on the Spider LED fog lights. After you were able to remove the factory ones, the only and easy way to install the new set is to attach a self tapping black color screw to hold the lights in place. The best part at all is that you can hook then to the existing wiring harness very easily and you get a beautiful appearance that enhances the car front bumper. "

    2002 Ford Excursion
    Posted by

    "Great improvement over stock, super easy to install. More feed back on the wheel."

    Buick Allure was available in the following models:
    CX • CXL • CXS • Super