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    Unveiled in 2005, a middle size sedan Buick LaCrosse, produced by General Motors, is the successor to the Buick Century and Regal models. The name LaCrosse, taken from the Buick concept car first shown in 2000, originates from the lacrosse sports game, popular among youngsters, meaning that Buick is concentrated on the active younger buyers while creating this sportier and energetic car. In Canada, it was sold as the Buick Allure for several years, because of some explicit association with the French translation of the name LaCrosse, and this model was the best-selling Buick's car until 2008.

    The Buick Allure was offered in three trim variations. The CX trim was offered at the most affordable price, and it was completed with a 200 horsepower 3.8L V6 engine, audio system, and GM's OnStar infotainment system. The CXS version was powered by a new 3.6L V6 engine, delivering 240 horsepower. It was equipped with sports suspension, power-enhancing parts, and bigger wheels for the more active and aggressive ride. As a more luxurious CXL trim level, it provided leather interior and alloy wheels as standard. There were also some additional options, like a remote starter, for those who do not want to enter frozen car in winter.

    The Allure received “Good” safety level in the frontal impact crash test performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Since 2008, all 3 trim levels were available with chrome exterior accessories, XM Satellite Radio, steering wheel controls and dual-zone climate control, illuminated vanity mirrors and lots of other amenities and parts. The front-end design was adopted from Buick Vetile concept, that later became the Chinese market version of the Buick Lacrosse. New 2010 Allure is powered by a 3.0L V6 engine producing 255 horsepower. All-wheel-drive layout if offered as an option for the CLX modifications, that come with 3.6L V6 delivering 280 horsepower.

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    Buick Allure No Longer Allures Canadians
    Buick Allure No Longer Allures Canadians

    Last week, General Motors Canada announced that the Buick Allure nameplate will be officially dropped in Canada. Instead, the car will be named the Buick LaCrosse.

    The LaCrosse nameplate is used all over the world since the introduction of the sedan in 2005. Yet in Canada, the car was marketed as the Buick Allure because of the meaning of the French word LaCrosse. As it was pointed out by La Belle Province back in 2005, LaCrosse has explicit meaning in the local slang. So the decision to rename the car may have Quebecers giggling, however, GM Canada decided that they'll suffer the sneers. The name change is aimed at unification of the global Buick brand, which will allow the company to use the same marketing tools in all countries the sedan is sold in.

    So far, there have been only few 2010 Allures sold in Canada. Later this month, the company will start production of the LaCrosse-named units, yet GM Canada is already offering the customers that have taken delivery if the 2010 model to have their Allure rebadged as the LaCrosse. As for the cars that are already on the dealership lots, they will be soon replaced with the LaCrosse vehicles.