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     BMW Made Few Tweaks for 2013 X6 M
    BMW Made Few Tweaks for 2013 X6 M

    The BMW 6 is often called "Sports Activity Coupe" thanks to the vehicle's unusual chopped-roof crossover design. But things have changed with the creating of the new redesigned 2013 BMW X6 M, the high-performance, low-volume model with huge Matchbox-like wheels, strong engine, and plenty of different exclusive goodies. Although it is far from appearing dated, BMW has already made some tweaks for the 2013 model year.

    Exterior features include a new hood (the same is used on the BMW X6 ActiveHybrid), minor cosmetic changes in kidney grille design, headlight improvements. The brake calipers are painted blue now. Talking about the performance of the 2013 BMW X6 M, the vehicle comes with a strong 4.4-liter V8 engine generating 555 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque, which is enough power to sprint the 5,324-pound CUV to 60 mph in about 4.5 seconds. The combination of massive tires, all-wheel drive system, and sport suspension tuning helps the vehicle stay calm and well-operated on even the most challenging roads.

    The X6 M also features a thick steering wheel and bolstered sport seats that improves driver's comfort. The well-tuned underpinnings ensure excellent agility. The base price of the BMW X6 M starts at $93,795 including destination.

    2011 G-Power X6 M with Typhoon S Tuning Package
    2011 G-Power X6 M with Typhoon S Tuning Package

    G-Power tuning studio is known for its BMW tuning packages. Typhoon S joined the list of successful projects. From the beginning until the last moment, the studio had two variants of tuning packages – Typhoon, 600hp powered and Typhoon RS, 900hp powered. Though the BMW X6 M line of G-Power tuning packages was joined by Typhoon S.

    The exterior has undergone several changes - front bumper was redesigned, the hood was replaced with the one made of carbon fiber, huge air intakes in the bumper and hood carry away the heat from the engine. Carbon diffuser was installed at the rear end. 23 inch G-Power Silverstone RS wheels complement the exterior, 22 inch wheels are available optionally. Michelin tires emphasize the sportive character of the vehicle, being optimal for sportive driving. Sportive springs were installed to improve the handling.

    4.4-liter V8 twin-turbo gives excellent performance. G-Power Typhoon S X6 M received absolutely new stainless steel exhaust system with 125 mm limit switches, which reduces back pressure in the system. Limit switches are made of carbon fiber. For highly demanding customers G-Power offers titanium exhaust system. ECU got a firmware upgrade and the top speed limiter was removed. As a result, the maximum engine power output reached 725hp, 170 hp more than the standard X6 M. Maximum torque is electronically limited to 656lb-ft, though fitted with enhanced transmission, the torque can be increased to 737lb-ft. These results allow X6 M drive at maximum of 186mph and accelerate from 0 to 60mph in 4.2 seconds.

    If the client wishes G-Power specialists can reupholster BMW X6 M interior with leather and Alcantara. Typhoon S aerodynamic package costs $10,100(without installation). G-Power Silverstone SR wheels with Michelin tires cost $12,800. Power increasing G-Power package with stainless steel exhaust package costs $19,547 (without installation).