BMW X6 Cargo Liner

About BMW X6 Cargo Liners

Your BMW X6 is the result of a lot of improvements to different technologies but at its heart it’s still a car designed to get you wherever you need to go. It’s also designed to transport whatever you need to take with you and this is where the problem of damage to your trunk can come in. If you’ve ever had that sinking feeling when you’re driving around and you hear the distinctive sound of something falling over or moving around to scratch your trunk then you know just how important a cargo liner is.

No matter what you’re carrying you’ll find something to protect your trunk from our wide range of liners. We have them to protect from water, dirt and mud, most chemical spills and other things that could leave your trunk damaged. We have a range of materials from clear ones so that you can still see your interior to plush carpets that would rival those in your house. We also have them in a number of different colors so that you can find exactly the right one to suit your individual X6 without compromising on the safety of your trunk.

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