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    Driving at night can present a lot of dangers especially when your lighting is poor. There is the perpetual danger of hitting a pedestrian, a stray animal or getting hit by another car because of poor visibility. This is reason enough why BMW X3 lighting should be a priority and why you should replace any incandescent bulb you have on your X3 with LED lighting. LED lighting, unlike the traditional incandescent bulbs, is brighter and cleaner, making night travel enjoyable. These LED lights are durable and affordable in the long run as you may end up never replacing them. LED lights are not affected by vibrations even in the bumpiest of roads.

    To increase your illumination and thus become more visible on the road, consider using the Universal 22" Nite Rider Multicolor LED Scanner Bar by Lumen. This multicolored LED will make your car stand out thanks to the 7 different colors and 20 different lighting patterns that it comes with. It is also possible to sync the music playing on your car with the light bar. PlaZma LED Halo Light Rings will also increase your visibility and give your BMW X3 that ‘wow’ look. Unlike in the past, Halo rings are now affordable and don’t take long to install. But in case you don’t have the prerequisite installation knowhow and tools, it will be wise to seek the services of a professional. The Halo rings come with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. The add-on daytime running lights (DRL) will also prove essentials for visibility during the day. This is important as your BMW X3 will be spotted from far thus minimizing chance of your car being involved in an accident. You can only purchase the DRL in pairs. Instructions for the installation and the necessary hardware are offered with every LED kit.

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    BMW to Unveil New X3 M in 2012
    BMW to Unveil New X3 M in 2012

    The BMW engineers are well-known for their engines with low fuel capacity, considerable power and reliability. The German brand BMW likes to surprise its devotees as well as the automotive industry in general. This time the well-known M division of the brand turned its attention to SUVs. The X5 M and X6 M have already received their new twin-turbocharged 4.4L V8 engines. Now the smaller X3 is on the way to receive its facelift and become faster.

    It is expected that the BMW X3 M will be powered by a tri-turbocharged inline-six engine. The brand-new engine will feature three turbochargers, where one out of three is an electric turbocharger and two others are traditional exhaust-gas-driven units. The engine displacement will be a little bit larger. The new BMW X3 M will be equipped with 3.2-liter engine and will give about 450 hp, but the information about top speed is not confirmed yet. The rumors are spread about the price of the mind-blowing BMW model as well as about the release date. It is said, BMW is going to unveil its phenomenon in 2012. All we have to do is wait for information about availability of this model for the U.S. At present the North American market offers the X3 xDrive28i with a 3.0-liter, inline 6-cylinder engine and X3 xDrive35i with 3.0-liter 6-cylinder engine with TwinPower. The maximum speed of 300 hp is developed by the X3 xDrive35i model.