BMW Rear Deck Covers

If you’ve invested the money in a BMW, there’s a good chance you take a lot of pride in it. You’ve probably got the best floor mats and cup holders that money can buy. So why would you let your dash go to waste? The longer your BMW sits in the sun, the worse condition your dash is in. Not to mention that the glare a dash can give off while you’re driving down the highway mid afternoon is not only distracting but down right dangerous!

We’ve got exactly what you need to protect your eyes and your baby’s dash from the sunlight. By spending as little as $35.00, your dash can be protected from everything from spills to sunlight. And with our various material – suede, plastic, velour, and carpet – options, you’re sure to find something that suits both your vehicle and your personality. You can choose to match the colors perfectly or go with a completely different color or design. The possibilities are seemingly endless! And with our computer formatted technology, the dash cover is sure to fit your car like a glove, no extra folds or fabric will be seen anywhere. Guaranteed.