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    About BMW Performance Exhaust Systems

    BMW cars remain steadfast no matter what kind of road you choose to drive them on. Ensure that you keep the BMW lead by outfitting your BMW with a custom exhaust system. CARiD offers the widest selection of BMW exhaust systems for your driving pleasure. Choose from the expansive range of Borla, Flowmaster, MagnaFlow, Gibson, RBP and dB exhaust systems for the BMW. All our BMW exhausts are made from superior quality materials to ensure durability and guaranteed endurance. With any of our BMW exhaust systems, you can expect sustained performance throughout the period you own your BMW. Browse through the archives to find the exhaust system that matches your BMW engine and year as well as specifications. We have something for every BMW ever made, so it doesn’t matter what year your BMW was released. You will find a suitable exhaust system for it. Alongside assured power gains, custom BMW exhaust systems offer an improved sound. They are far superior in pitch and tone to the stock exhaust system, and can be fully customized to give the sound of your desire.

    What sets custom BMW exhaust systems apart from other cheap exhaust options is the superior technology used to construct them. They feature advanced super flow technology, which boosts the volume and speed of exhaust gases, making the evacuation process smooth and fast. Go for Borla BMW exhaust systems when you want massive power and an accompanying wild growl. Even so, the exhaust sound can be fully customized to the pitch and level of your choice. The Borla range of BMW headers, mufflers, catalytic converters, tailpipes and tips is designed with performance in mind. And their supreme reliability over the years ensures you get amazing value for the purchase price.

    Unbridled power and outrageous sound - that's what accompanies each exhaust system we store for you on our digital shelves. Manufactured from the premium materials using the latest technologies, they all are ready to complete the image of your vehicle and give you instant horsepower and torque gains. After an exhaust system is installed, your vehicle will roar like a lion and run like a cheetah. Have doubts? Read over 4 exhaust system reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and choose the product that will satisfy your needs.

    Customer Reviews
    2003 BMW 5-Series
    Posted by

    "I love this product!! Its on my 2003 540i M-Sport it's the best... FYI if you do own a M-Sport or have the M-Sport bumper, you will have to do minor mod for the muffler tips to fit just right.. But the sound is perfect and the rumbling is just great! Best quick mod for your car "

    2007 BMW 5-Series
    Posted by

    "I dealt with Alex and purchased a set of Magnaflow 35167 exhaust tips for BMW.  I had a misunderstanding in the advertising for the tips not coming to me as the pictured said it would, and I asked for a refund from Alex and he honored his company's policy and did exactly what he said he would do and Began the refund process and e-mailed me a RFA Number and Pre paid FedEx shipping label and I was ready to return the tips today, but changed my mind and decided that it's the Best Price on today's market beating out Auto Zone by $30.00 and I have found only one other online company that does what they say they would and I purchased my BMW parts, and I plan on sticking with Alex and CARiD!  Raymond Presley _____ Sent from Ep iPhone"