BMW 8-Series Dash Covers

About BMW 8-Series Dash Covers

The BMW 8-Series was first produced in 1991, and the last one rolled off the lines in 1997. Sixteen years later, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find parts for these vehicles, especially aesthetic things like dashboard covers. But don’t worry – We’ve got you covered – Literally! Whether you prefer plastic or suede, carpet or even velour, we’ve got a cover that will fit that old BMW and suit your taste and style flawlessly.

Our color selection is incredibly vast and if you’re still unable to find one that you like, we’re able to customize a dash cover so that you’ll be getting something that you want as opposed to just something that fits. Our prices are incredible too, so if you’d like, you can get more than one cover and switch them out annually, seasonally, or just when the mood strikes you. You can even put your initials, company logo, or anything else you can think of on the cover making it even more unique! Your dash will look brand new in no time and with almost no effort at all, which is saying a lot for the 8-Series when you consider some of them are over two decades seasoned.

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