BMW 5-Series Dash Covers

If your BMW 5-Series was purchased anywhere between 1975 and 2013, we’ve got a dash cover for you! From suede to velour, carpet or even plastic, the variety of colors we have in stock will surely match any taste you may have. If you’re looking for something even more head turning, we’re also able to customize your dash cover with anything you’d like so that you’re sure to be the envy of all your friends and family. Who knew you could protect your dashboard and look so unique all at the same time?

We also take things like vents, cup holders, and other factory settings into account so you won’t have to deal with excess fabric or folding when you purchase your dash cover with us. And although you very likely won’t have to worry about your new dash cover slipping out of place, we’ll also send you adhesive tape for your cover, giving you extra peace of mind. We can even cut the covers to make them fit properly on your back dash, which is equally important to protect from fading and glare.All these products come from the top list names in the industry such as DashMat® which are a guarantee of the highest quality in engineering and workmanship.

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BMW 5-Series Dash Covers Reviews
Average rating:4.54.6 - 2 reviews
1995 BMW 5-Series
| Posted by | (Bozeman, MT)

Product seems to be of good quality. It looks good. I had to do a little trimming around the brake light. I also cut it at the back seat and tucked it in to give it a finished look. It definitely looks better than the faded original deck. If one was not too particular, it could be just laid in place and let go.

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