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    It’s very stressful to drive when the lighting on your BMW 3 Series is poor. This may lead to you making wrong judgments that can prove fatal. It is thus imperative to invest in LED BMW 3 Series automotive lighting that will guarantee you brighter light that covers a wider area, making your ride visible and improving your vision. Replacing the traditional incandescent bulbs with the LED lights should therefore be a priority. The LED lights don’t interfere with your BMW 3 electrical system as they consume very minimal energy. Installing the Universal PlaZma LED Halo Rings by Lumen will increase visibility and add an element of finesse to your ride. These Halo Rings where very expensive at some point and were only associated with luxurious cars but that has changed and the cost has drastically gone down. It only requires a couple of hours to have your Halo rings installed. You have to disassemble the headlights housings before installation. Professional installation may be necessitated if you don’t have the right tools and skills.

    Add-on daytime running lights (DRL) may also prove essential during the day. These LED DRLs make your BMW 3 noticeable from a long distance, thus minimizing chances of preventable road accidents. Some DRLs have been designed to dim automatically when your headlights are turned on or your ignition is in a certain position. The DRLs are sold in pairs, meaning that you cannot buy only one piece. The die cast aluminum housing is very light and cannot be affected by corrosion. It is also worth noting that LED lights are water resistant and cannot be damaged by vibration. All the information on installation of the DRLs and the required hardware is provided once you have purchased the lights. Another addition to that, the Universal Lighting Eyes LED Headlight Kit by PlasmaGlow, will enhance your visibility and add to the aesthetic value to your BMW 3 Series.

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    BMW to Unveil Its 2012 3-Series Model
    BMW to Unveil Its 2012 3-Series Model

    On May 26 BMW released the information about the termination of the current BMW 3-Series Sedan production in October 2011. The reason for such decision is simple. The German car manufacturer plans to introduce its new 3-Series model to the brand's devotees at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. There are some talks that the new car will be unveiled during the 2011 Geneva Auto Show.

    The code name of the new model is F-30.The technical details are not officially released yet. However, the spy shots, that appeared recently on the Australian blog CarAdvice, give an idea about exterior. It features the sleek dynamic lines with squat proportions, wider and lower grille, strong aggressive line, running from the front fender up to the rear door. The new front end is designed following the BMW family template, applied for the current F10 5-Series model. The technical characteristics are now the subject for rumors, but it seems like the expectations of the brand's devotees will be satisfied. The 2012 3-Series is based on the new modular platform. Compared to the current model, the new BMW 3-Series has the wheelbase that is longer by 1.5”. The overall proportions remain mainly the same. It is expected that the new 3-Series model will be offered with the latest BMW EfficientDynamics technologies that will include stop-start technology, brake energy regeneration, pre-heating technology for the gearbox, engine and differential. Also the new model is said to come with solar roof panel and aerodynamically designed wheels. The engine options of the 2012 3-Series model most probably will include four- and six-cylinder engines, both naturally aspirated and turbocharged, and even a new 3-cylinder engine.

    BMW 3 Series Wins Car and Driver Award
    BMW 3 Series Wins Car and Driver Award

    One of the world’s most popular automotive observers, Car and Driver, has announced its “10 Best Cars” list for 2011. Honoring the 2011 BMW M3, this year award marks the 20th consecutive win for the BMW 3 series.

    The BMW 3 Series, originally introduced to the United States market in 1977, is now in its fifth generation. At the top of the 3 Series are the high-performance M3 Coupe, Sedan, and Convertible powered by a 4.0-liter, 414-horsepower V8 engine to ensure the true racing feel for both memorable weekend rides and everyday driving.

    The Car and Driver Editorial points out that the 3-series is not perfect with the four-wheel M3 getting a bit heavier and the clutch needing more weight to better convey its takeup. Plus, no matter the configuration, the 3-series is expensive, but as the editors accurately observed drawing a parallel to the BMW 3-series, there’s a reason people will pay so much more for the old lady’s cookies at the bake sale whose recipe everybody wants.