BMW 3-Series Doors

We stock the latest top quality BMW 3-Series replacement doors and their accompanying kits such as the AutoLoc® - Trunk Hinge Kit. This kit is very useful if you are looking to upgrade the OEM hinges that are very limited in operation. They feature an attractive paintable finish that is very easy to customize and compliment your car. They are also very strong and sturdy since they are made from top grade steel with an attractive chrome finish that protects them from rusting, corrosion and peeling for that everlasting brilliant shine. The manufacturers have also gone to great lengths to ensure that these parts are test fitted to fit precisely on your car. They are also very adjustable and easy to operate. You will get 2 hinge arms, a 39 inch support bar and two supports plates. For ease in operation and exceptional clearance they come with 4 pivot tabs. The installation is also very easy with the detailed guide laying out a step by step process and all the hardware you will need to get the job done.

On our site you will also find the AutoLoc® - Trunk Assist Kit, which makes the operation of your trunk easy and very smooth. These BMW 3-Series replacement doors kits feature the innovative Autoloc shock designs that make their operation very smooth and stress free. The kit features an extended arm, 17 inches with an extra thick diameter of 5 inches, for exceptional sturdiness and maximum long lasting durability. It features the highly innovative ball socket end fitting that further enhances the efficiency of your trunks. The installation has been made extra smooth with the accompanying hardware. In case of any problems you don’t have to use guess work as the accompanying instructions are sufficient.

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