BMW 1-Series Dash Covers

About BMW 1-Series Dash Covers

Your BMW 1-Series is your baby. You bathe it regularly and feed it the best gas and other fluids that it needs to run smoothly. When you take it to the car wash, you vacuum it out because a clean car shows you take pride in it. So why wouldn’t you also take pride in your baby’s dashboard?

Maybe you didn’t know that such a thing as dashboard covers existed. Well now you do. So whether your BMW was made in 2008 anywhere up to and including 2012, we’ve got a dash cover for you! Our covers come in four different types of material – velour, plastic, carpet, and suede – so no matter what your taste is or what the interior of your BME 1-Series looks like, we’ve got something to match it. If your style is a little more eclectic, no worries, we have designs for that too. We use the very finest in computer technology to ensure that our dash covers are not only aesthetically pleasing to look at, but are also functional. We take everything from vents to airbags into account when designing the dash covers, so that absolutely nothing is compromised in your vehicle. What have you got to lose?

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