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      # sp19005
      Breakaway™ Torque Converter by TCI®. The first step into serious high performance, the Breakaway® is a great torque converter for moderately modified street machines and weekend racers also used as daily drivers. It provides...
      Designed to deliver trouble-free, consistent performanceRight for your vehicle and lifestyle
      $338.66 - $1,044.14
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      # sp19012
      Saturday Night Special™ Torque Converter by TCI®. Performance enthusiasts often underestimate the critical role torque converters play in putting their expensive horsepower to the pavement. TCI® street/street rodder and...
      Designed to deliver trouble-free, consistent performanceRight for your vehicle and lifestyle
      $257.27 - $512.13
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      # sp29179
      StreetFighter Transmission by TCI®. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by TCI features premium quality and will perform better than advertised. Perfect for your vehicle and lifestyle, it is manufactured to meet...
      Engineered to enhance your vehicle's performanceMade to stringent quality standards
      $1,109.52 - $2,874.44
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      # sp2724
      Transmission Oil Pan by Spectre Performance®. This transmission fluid pan is brightly chromed and includes a drain plug with a reusable sealing washer. Fins along the bottom add cooling capacity while adding strength.
      $20.04 - $70.56
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      # sp1648
      Single Action Automatic Transmission Shifter Kit by American Shifter®. Improve your vehicle's performance without having to make any changes to your engine with this precision-engineered shifter kit that is able to satisfy any car...
      $195.09 - $302.29
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      # sp24096
      Aluminum Transmission Pan by Trans-Dapt®. 1 Piece. Includes: Drain Plug, Gaskets, Bolts/Studs. Dissipates heat better than standard steel for cooler oil temperatures. Trans-Dapt Performance Products Polished Aluminum, transmission...
      Engineered to enhance your vehicle's performanceMade to stringent quality standards
      $103.67 - $126.58
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      # sp18966
      Super StreetFighter™ Transmission by TCI® . Typical TCI® Super StreetFighter™ transmission features are Alto Red Eagle® clutches, Kolene® treated steel plates, Red Eagle®-lined, extra-wide Powerbands™, larger diameter...
      Perfect for normally aspirated vehicles powered producing 750-1025 horsepowerManual/automatic valve body means that most units allow you to manually shift the vehicle into each gear change or remain fully automatic.
      $1,229.91 - $3,279.94
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      # sp19006
      StreetFighter™ Torque Converter by TCI®. Designed with the street/strip application in mind, this torque converter benefits more radically prepared street machines (those with performance cams, aftermarket carbs and higher...
      Designed to deliver trouble-free, consistent performanceRight for your vehicle and lifestyle
      $436.66 - $1,584.26
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      # sp29902
      Traveler Converter by Big End Performance®. Performance Torque Converters are the best value and quality converter made today. Every HP Torque Converter features furnace brazed and welded impeller. Torrington bearings used...
      Designed to deliver trouble-free, consistent performanceRight for your vehicle and lifestyle
      $129.59 - $274.99
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      # sp18981
      Machined Flexplate by TCI®, 1 Piece. Flexplate made from Steel. TCI® offers stock replacement heavy-duty flexplates for all popular styles of Chrysler applications. Also offered are special counter balanced flexplates which allow...
      $38.07 - $300.50
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      # sp19021
      Full Manual Valve Body by TCI®. Our competition valve body for maximum performance and quick elapsed times in a racing application. By controlling the valve body only through manual means we can produce quicker shift timing and are...
      Designed for maximum performance & quick ETsQuicker shift timing is perfect for race applications
      $232.17 - $380.26
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      # sp19022
      StreetFighter™ Valve Body by TCI®. TCI®’s Manual/Automatic Valve Body gives you that hi-performance street/strip feeling. It provides firm positive shifts for full performance street use. Automatic shift features are retained...
      Designed to deliver trouble-free, consistent performanceRight for your vehicle and lifestyle
      $175.55 - $261.44
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      # sp32940
      Universal Dyno-Cool Series 6000 Transmission Fluid Cooler by Derale Performance®. This universal all-aluminum transmission cooler is perfect for today's smaller, highly-stressed sub-compact and compact car automatic transmissions....
      Prevents heat related transmission failuresExtends life of transmission
      $36.01 - $48.43
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      # sp23118
      Translife HD Transmission Oil Cooler Kit by Flex-a-lite®. It is designed to lower the temperature of the engine and transmission oil and thus extend the life of your engine, transmission, as well as the life of related components...
      Effective for both engine and transmission coolingCopper/aluminum material
      $149.95 - $249.95
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      # sp18950
      Deep Aluminum Transmission Pan by Hughes Performance®. 1 Piece. Includes Drain Plug, Filter, Gaskets, Bolts/Studs. Bolt on deep transmission pans are made from cast aluminum and designed with cooling fins to dissipate heat quicker....
      All necessary hardware is included (including filter extensions)No modifications are necessary
      $166.01 - $254.07

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    • Performance Transmission Parts
      Performance Transmission Coolers Keep Your Temperature Down When Trailering
      Recent data from USA Today states that only 6.5% of new vehicles sold in the U.S. are equipped with manual transmissions. The reverse of that means 93.5% of all new cars and light trucks are sold with automatic transmissions. Therefore, the odds are that your ride has an automatic. A less-known fact about those transmissions is that they all have built-in oil coolers, and the vehicle's radiator does double duty, shedding heat from both the engine coolant and the transmission fluid (ATF, or "automatic transmission fluid").
    • Replacement Transmission Parts
      Clutch Kit vs Clutch Disc or Pressure Plate
      If you’ve decided it’s time to replace the clutch on your manual-transmission car, you’ve reached the point where advantages (crisp, new-feeling response) have come to outweigh disadvantages (significant labor costs or time spent doing it yourself). Whether you don’t have a choice because your old clutch slips badly, or you want to take initiative and upgrade your vehicle by sharpening performance off the line, you have high expectations about the finished result once high labor costs are paid or you’ve spent a lot of time and effort doing it yourself. You’re anticipating silky release and take-in of the clutch pedal, smooth running without harshness or vibrations, crisp shifts that chirp tires on pavement, and the fact that your vehicle feels brand new again. Knowing what’s important when a clutch job is being done can get you those results and save you money, because taking shortcuts usually yields disappointment.
    • Replacement Driveline & Axles
      The Difference Between A Transaxle And A Transmission
      In this article we'll look at the differences between a "transaxle" and a "transmission". In short, a transaxle performs both the gear-changing function of a transmission and the power-splitting ability of an axle differential in one integrated unit. A transmission performs the gear-changing function only, delivering power via a single output shaft at the back of the unit. Although both perform gear shifts in the same fashion, there's often confusion about these two terms because the word "transmission" is sometimes used as a blanket description to include transaxles when it should not be.
    • Replacement Transmission Parts
      How To Perform An Automatic Transmission Fluid & Filter Service
      In this installment, we'll give you the steps for replacing the transmission fluid and fluid filter inside your vehicle's automatic transmission – saving you several hundred dollars by sparing you a visit to the shop. This maintenance procedure is a straightforward one, and it's important for the overall longevity of your transmission. The engineers that built your car tested it thoroughly, and they know more than anyone on earth does about its breaking points and how to keep mechanical components healthy, so following your vehicle manufacturer's recommended service intervals is essential. While draining a trans pan and refilling it only replaces one-half to two-thirds of your overall fluid (the rest remains inside the torque converter), don't let it diminish the importance of keeping your automatic trans fluid (ATF) fresh.

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    This is not a shifter knob as it is described to be. It is a small bust for display on a shelf. There is no threaded hole to mount it to a shifter. Other than that it is of good quality and is fun to look at although pricey.
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