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The Bentley Mulsanne is an exclusive sedan introduced in Frankfurt in 2009. It replaced the Bentley Arnage. The Mulsanne features an exclusive platform that was specially designed for this model. Firstly the car turned out to be very heavy. So, to reduce the weight, the British engineers used aluminum alloys, in particular, bumper, doors and hood were made of aluminum. The Bentley Mulsanne interior is the ideal combination of luxury and comfort. The saloon of the car is mainly made by hand and features a cowhide finish. It is comfortable both for the front and rear passengers. The instrument panel is decorated in a classic style; the screen multimedia system is hidden behind a wooden insert. The top speed is 183.93 mph; while the acceleration to 62 mph takes 5.3 seconds.

CARiD offers you a wide range of premium quality repair parts for your four-wheel friend. To receive more information about currently available products for the Bentley Mulsanne - scroll down this page. You can order online in our store and everything will be delivered straight to your door.

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The widest range of products, outstanding quality, and affordable prices are the three pillars on which CARiD bases its work. As a result, we provide an extensive selection of high quality Bentley Mulsanne repair parts manufactured to restore your vehicle to like new condition at the most attractive prices. No matter whether you are changing an air filter or doing a routine brake job on your Bentley Mulsanne, we have everything for your repair and maintenance needs.

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