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Announced by Bentley in 2005, the Bentley Continental GTC is a convertible model that completes the Continental range. Being a convertible version of the Continental GT, the GTC shares its imposing styling and underhood parts with the coupe sibling and maintains the same 2+2 cabin layout. Another thing that the convertible has in common with its stablemates is the suspension system. And just like with other Continentals, the GTC gives the driver a choice of four pre-programmed suspension settings, ranging from the comfort to the sport mode. The main thing that makes the GTC distinguishable from the GT is its a soft roof, created by Wilhelm Karmann GmbH. The roof is designed with an interior roof lamp and heated glass rear window. To provide the customers with more design options, the company made the roof available in various colors.

The GTC is equipped with a twin turbo 6-liter W12 engine and a ZF 6-speed automatic Tiptronic transmission to give the maximum power of 552 bhp at 6,100 rpm. The installed power unit of the 2005 GTC makes it possible to reach 0-to-62 mph in 5.1 seconds. With the soft plastic roof in closed position, the convertible's top speed climbs to 189 mph, while the open-top GT Convertible reaches the maximum speed of 195 mph. In keeping with Bentley traditions, the interior and exterior parts of the 2005 GTC are designed to provide Bentley devotees with comfort and convenience regardless of the roof position. A blend of natural wood veneers and finest quality leather creates the atmosphere of unrivaled comfort.

The 2011 Bentley Continental GTC is offered in two versions: the GTC itself and the GTC Speed. The power unit of the GTC is equipped with continuous all-wheel drive 6-speed automatic transmission, and it delivers the maximum speed of 195 mph. The GTC Speed comes with the same transmission type. The standard package of both trims includes electronic cruise control, electronic tire pressure monitor, keyless entry, and keyless ignition, color keyed electronically adjustable door mirrors, rain-sensing windscreen wipers. The Continental GTC Speed comes with lowered sport suspension and a fixed rear spoiler to improve the aerodynamics. Both vehicles are available in 17 exterior paint colors and 17 full premium grade hide interior colors. Maximum attention is given to the comfort and safety. Interior features and accessories of both models are alike and they include multi-zone electronic climate control, infotainment system, incorporating DVD satellite navigation, bluetooth telephone system with remote SIM access profile, and hi-fi system.

There is nothing that captures the feeling of traveling with exceptional power and elegance like the Bentley GTC. The GTC is to pavement what the British Empire's Concorde is to flight. World-record velocity is backed by a twin-turbocharged W12 internal engine, and its grand level of dominance is unrivaled. Of course it is luxurious and stylish, which is another reason so many clamor to get their hands on one. An innovative wonder, the GTC does not know mortal limitations. Unquestionably, it is a contemporary icon.

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