Bentley Flying Spur Performance Exhausts

About Bentley Flying Spur Performance Exhaust Systems

The Bentley Flying Spur makes one statement about you: that you are out to get the highest level of driving pleasure, no matter the cost. While you are at it, you may as well increase the power on your engine. With a power output of 552 hp and 600 hp, the performance of Bentley Flying Spur models puts many sports cars to shame, but this is not all the power you can get from your Bentley. Add up to 30 hp more to your engine power output with a custom exhaust system from CARiD. Designed to enhance the performance of the turbocharged engine in the Bentley, CARiD’s exhausts give a power boost to the engine and optimize its efficiency. They are typically larger than the stock exhaust, which makes exhaust flow smooth so the engine is not congested in any way and is able to work more efficiently to produce more power.

The range of custom exhausts for the Bentley Flying Spur at CARiD is varied, and includes exhausts from Borla, MagnaFlow, Gibson, Flowmaster, Onki, Zunden, MBRP, Weapon-R and RBP, for all Flying Spur models released between 2005 and 2013. Each exhaust system is built to give specific amounts of performance and sound improvement. Some like the Borla Cat Back System for Bentley Flying Spur offers not only power gains but also an increase in torque figures. A common advantage from all these Bentley custom exhausts is sound improvement. It gives the car a throaty growl that is several notes deeper than the stock exhaust note and really pleasant. No matter what model your Bentley is or what other modifications you may have on it, you will find an exhaust that perfectly matches your Bentley specifications and gives your desired results when you shop at CARiD.

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