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Airjack Kit by Belltech®. This is a set of two rear secondary air support springs designed for trucks that have already been lowered from 2 to 4 inches. Together, they add 2,500 pounds of leveling capacity to restore level ride height and carrying capacity lost because of heavy loads or reduced suspension travel. Add air to the springs by hand, or select an optional air compressor with a manual control switch that works from inside your vehicle. Basic kit includes 2 secondary air support springs, mounting brackets, air lines, and all hardware to add air manually by hand. Air compressor is available with or without air lines and a reservoir tank. Operating spring pressure range is between 10 and 100 psi, with maximum of 150 psi. Compressor features a 25% duty cycle rating, and maximum draw of 18 amps with a built-in 25 amp circuit breaker.

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  • Restores level ride height and 2,500 pounds of carrying capacity lost due to heavy loads or reduced suspension travel
  • Basic kit includes 2 secondary air support springs, mounting brackets, air lines, and all hardware
  • Kits are available for vehicles that have already been lowered 2” or 4” below stock ride height
  • Optional air compressor mounts on vehicle frame to adjust spring pressure between 10 and 100 pounds of pressure
  • 12-volt air compressor features a 25% duty cycle rating, maximum working pressure of 150psi, and maximum draw of 18 amps
  • Air compressor is produced under license by Viair as the 275C model
  • Panel with psi gauge and compressor control switch is mounted inside the vehicle for easy operation
  • Optional ½-gallon 10" x 6.75" x 14" compressed air storage tank offers instant pressure and boosts inflation speed
  • Reduces bouncing at the rear of vehicle when towing
  • Air springs are produced by Firestone and feature double-bellow construction of their most cutting edge rubber blend
  • Brackets are reinforced ¼” heavy gauge steel finished with durable powder coat for protection
  • Air lines are made from high-pressure, durable Synflex hose that meets all U.S. Department of Transportation standards
  • Brass air fittings resist corrosion and are Teflon coated for smooth, easy operation in any temperature or climate
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The suspension of any pickup, van, or sport utility that’s weighed down by heavy cargo, permanently affixed equipment, or a trailer is compromised because the rear springs are crushed down to a height they cannot recoil from. Ride quality is reduced, and the front of your vehicle points upward. A rear end that is weighed down literally lifts weight off your front wheels, reducing the amount of traction you have for steering, and reducing the amount of grip the tires have on the road when you need it in fast braking. If you have lowered your vehicle with reduced height springs, the effect can be even worse

Belltech’s Air Jack Kit has been created just for trucks with lowered suspensions. A set of adjustable helper air springs mount between your vehicle frame and rear leaf spring to lift the weight that’s causing your pickup to ride lower than it should. Once your vehicle’s back up to a level ride height, headlights and bright lights stay at the correct aim so the road ahead of you is illuminated rather than the tree tops in the distance. And instead of putting yourself at risk by blinding other drivers, you can focus on avoiding potholes that are no friend to lowered vehicles. Air is added and released manually by a control switch that mounts inside your vehicle. For those that prefer the immediate responsiveness that a reserve of compressed air allows, a separate ½-gallon 10" x 6.75" x 14" storage tank is available.

Instead of searching for a gas station with a working compressor to fill your Air Jack helper springs by hand, Belltech offers you the convenience of power inflation wherever you go with an air compressor. After minor drilling, the compressor mounts permanently to the frame of your vehicle and is controlled from inside with the touch of a button. The compressor is produced under license by renowned specialists Viair, and features a 25% duty cycle rating, maximum working pressure of 150psi, and maximum draw of 18 amps. Because it’s designed to be compatible with any vehicle, it operates using standard 12-volt power sources. A built-in 25 amp circuit breaker guards against any electrical surges that may result from compromised wiring or other issues. ¼-inch air line fittings are of the highest quality brass construction with quick-disconnect couplings, and are Teflon coated for smooth, easy operation in any temperature or climate.

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Founded in 1983 in Fresno, California, Belltech Suspensions began with a mission of filling a need that existed in the marketplace for quality lowering kits that provided full-size pickups with an aggressive stance AND a ride that wasn’t severely punishing. After developing state-of-the-art drop spindles, coil springs, and shackle hanger kits, word of mouth spread about the design, reliability, and smooth operation of their products – earning Belltech respect among demanding California custom builders and racers. The consistent high quality and cutting edge functionality of their lowering kits allowed them to grow in the marketplace, and the company expanded to their current location in neighboring Sanger, CA. Belltech merged with German-based KW Suspensions in 2005, and today draws on a wealth of engineering talent that has produced joint products with automotive manufacturers such as AMG, Roush, and Viper and been involved in world class racing series. CARiD is proud to offer best values on the full lineup of Belltech quality air springs, compressors, coilover sets, lowering kits, shock absorbers, anti-sway bars, lift kits, and alignment kits which prove that lowered style and ride comfort are not mutually exclusive.

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