Back Up Cameras & Sensors

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      Mini Parking Sensor by Curb-Alert®. This smart device is designed to protect your vehicle's front end from potential hazards that can damage your bumper or chin spoiler. Installation with household tools will take 45-90 minutes...
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      OEM Style Rearview Mirror and Back Up Camera by Metra®. Add this backup camera system to your vehicle without having to add a separate display, because the display is built into the driver’s mirror. Just put the shifter into...
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      OEM Style Bullet Back Up Camera by Metra®. Mount this universal camera on the rear of your vehicle for convenience and safety while backing up. Mounts easily to any flat surface.
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      Backup Camera by Edge®. This video camera with night vision technology comes with an anti-theft locking bracket that mounts directly to your vehicle’s rear license plate. The cable runs directly to the Insight CTS video port for...
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      3.5" Color Video Screen (TE-35VS) by Install Bay®. Mount this 3.5" solid-state color display on your instrument panel for displaying the video from your backup camera. It simply mounts with 3M trim tape.
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      Back-Up Camera with Park Lines by Install Bay®. Many new cars come with a rear-view backup assist camera already installed. It's an invaluable aid for backing up, and if you've ever used one you'll know how valuable right away. Now...
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      Parking Assist Kit by Install Bay®. Protect your painted bumpers from garage rash with the Parking Assist Kit from Install Bay. The ultrasonic sensors will tell you how far away you are from objects as you park, whether you’re...
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      Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver by Install Bay®. Eliminate running wiring from your backup camera to your display. Universal wireless transmitter and receiver. This 2.5 GHz transmitter/receiver pair will let you skip...
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      Universal 4.5" LCD Screen Monitor Universal Mount by ScyTek®. Must-have accessor to work in pair with a backup camera.
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      Interior Ball Camera by Beat-Sonic®. In-car camera that works as front, backup and interior camera. Focused on innovation and quality, Beat-Sonic is sure to enhance your driving experience. You will definitely enjoy every minute...
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      License Plate Camera by Beat-Sonic®. Camera that blends in with your license plate. Focused on innovation and quality, Beat-Sonic is sure to enhance your driving experience. You will definitely enjoy every minute behind the wheel!
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      Universal 4.3'' Pop-Up Stealth Monitor with License Plate Motion Back Up Camera System by Pyle®. Add an extra line of safety and become a better driver with this commercial grade backup camera and monitor system. Custom...
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      Universal Night Vision Rear View Camera with 4 LED Lights and Distance Scale Lines by Pyle®. Mount the camera in a convenient location and the unit outputs clear video over RCA jack connection. Perfect for backing into tight spots...
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      Universal White Water Resistant Radio Cover by Pyle®.
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      Universal Headrest with 7" Monitor and Built-In DVD Player with Speakers by Tview®. with Remote control. Tview develops consumer electronics brands with the clear values of quality and technology leadership. Every time they try to...
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      Universal Performance Teknique 2.4G Wireless Camera by American Hi Fi®. American Hi Fi will give surprising results in enhancing audio quality. An impressive improvement of sound clarity and power inside a vehicle is what every...
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