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The company was originally founded by Jim Merrick in 1961. It was established to manufacture a new line of highly automated and specialized machinery for home builders. The company was proved to be extremely successful, began a diversification program into the plastic business in 1972. As the company grew and developed, it was incorporated into various divisions.

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      24"x16" Dually Dolly by Auto Dolly®. 5200 lbs Capacity. This revolutionary product will help you to move a vehicle or trailer with dual wheels with a push of your hands! Equipped with 8 heavy-duty casters, this dolly provides any...
      # 1364733
    • (0 reviews)
      12"x16" Heavy Duty Flushtop Dolly by Auto Dolly®. 2500 lbs Capacity. Designed to transport totes, crates, boxes, machinery, etc. that can be dimpled or dented by exposed nuts or caster threads, this solid deck dolly is what the...
      # 1364731
    • (0 reviews)
      16"x16" Individual Super Duty Dolly by Auto Dolly®. 4200 lbs Capacity. If you have to move something heavy, this product is all you need. Extremely durable steel construction and six high capacity casters with 4,000 lbs.weight...
      # 1364732
    • (0 reviews)
      24"x16" Ribless Dually Dolly by Auto Dolly®. 5200 lbs Capacity. Make any big dually vehicle mobile in any direction, like it is put on skates with the help of this innovative product. Equipped with thread protectors on each stud...
      # 1364734
    • (0 reviews)
      18"x16" Container Dolly with Stub by Auto Dolly®. 10000 lbs Capacity. In order to make a shipping container mobile, you need nothing more than the Cobtainer Dolly with Stub. Designed to engage the socket in the bottom of a shipping...
      # 1364736
    • (4 reviews)
      $104.99from $83.99 - $129.99
      Car Dolly by Auto Dolly®. This absolutely innovative product enables you to roll a car, boat, aircraft, trailer, snowmobiles, ATV, riding mower, etc., thus freeing up space in your shop, garage, or showroom and facilitating easier...
      Created to enable a single person to push a vehicle in any directionFacilitates an orderly shop/garage
      # 16739380
    • (0 reviews)
      24"x32" Individual Big Flushtop Dolly by Auto Dolly®. 3300 lbs Capacity. When it comes to transporting loads that are prone to dents and dimples, this dolly is what the doctor ordered. It has no bolt heads, caster threads, and...
      # 1364750
    • (0 reviews)
      12"x16" Individual Tri-sided Flushtop Dolly by Auto Dolly®. 2600 lbs Capacity. This dolly is perfect for transporting equipment, machinery, and vehicles. Thanks to its ingenious tri-sided design and flush top surface, this product...
      # 1364749
    • (0 reviews)
      Ginormous Tandem Axle Dolly by Auto Dolly®. 8000 lbs Capacity. If you need to move tandem axle vehicles and trailers around your shop or garage, these dollies will make the job painless. At 32'' between wheel centers and with 12...
      # 1364735
    • (0 reviews)
      $116.24from $92.99 - $107.99
      Combo Engine/Transmission Dolly by Auto Dolly®. This revolutionary product enables a single person to easily move engines and engine/transmission combos without asking anyone's help. From long in-line 6-cylinders to huge big-block...
      Lets one person roll an engine/transmission combo easilyHelps to keep a garage/shop/showroom orderly
      # 16740345
    • (0 reviews)
      $56.24from $44.99 - $144.99
      Dolly Attachments by Auto Dolly®. Get more use from your Auto Dolly with these versatile attachments. They install easily and allow you to quickly move engines, stacks of tires, even vehicles without wheels. You’ll get more done...
      Spend more time working on projects and less time moving them aroundGain valuable floor space
      # 16708653
    • (0 reviews)
      Auto Rotisserie by Auto Dolly®. If you need to easily gain access to the undercarriage of a vehicle day in and day out or just every so often, this extremely reliable product is what the doctor ordered. Made of high-grade steel...
      Designed to enable a single person to rotate a vehicle62" high
      # 16739375
    • (0 reviews)
      Engine Stand Axle Adapter by Auto Dolly®. If you own a standard engine stand and have to do rear end and axle repairs, this product is what you need for sure as it securely holds the work at comfortable angles and levels. It...
      # 1364720
    • (0 reviews)
      Folding Engine Stand by Auto Dolly®. 1200 lbs Capacity. Created to fold up for storage and easy transport and tilt-up to make any painting operation and engine rebuilding procedure easier, this stand has a unique “Y” leg design...
      Designed to make engine rebuilding easierAllows for saving storage in a showroom/shop/garage
      # 16967929
    • (0 reviews)
      Hood Picker by Auto Dolly®. Remove or install the hood of your vehicle in almost nothing flat. Now you don't have to waste your time waiting for help as this revolutionary product allows you do both actions in a safe and easy way.
      # 1364743

    Today these companies are structured as Limited Partnerships and each business is a stand alone company doing business in separate facilities with independent offices, manufacturing, and warehousing. With sustained and programmed growth, they have continued to modernize and expand the physical assets, state-of-the-art equipment, and add talented and competent personnel.

    Auto Dolly - VideosAuto Dolly - About

    Together the business is split 50-50 between custom and proprietary products, in the packaging, irrigation, signage, and automated machinery. With an active customer base of 2250 accounts, Auto Dolly produce a wide range of products serving almost every area of the economy. This diversity includes products for recreation, agriculture, breweries, cookware, automotive, plumbing, manufacturing and medical industries. Products produced are for both domestic and international.

    Total company employment is 250 dedicated quality employees. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction have assembled certified engineers supported by cad-cam systems, competent marketing professionals that meet customer's expectations, and CPA's and the clerical staff that can complete the information flow.

    The Auto Dolly will quickly become one of the handiest tools in your garage, shop or showroom. It is designed to let you move automobiles, trucks, boats, trailers, lawn tractors, jet skis, motorcycles, airplanes and most heavy vehicles with ease. Gain precious floor space by moving items right up against a wall or into a corner. It is recommended to have two people when moving objects using the dollies.

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    | Posted by | (Auburn Hills, MI)

    Good product! The car moved far easier side to side than pushing or pulling it in a straight direction. I have a smooth garage floor, it's not sealed with lacquer.

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