Audi S4 Sun Shades

Nothing makes your trip worse than driving in the heated car with an infant crying and all the passengers sweating. This is what happens during the summer when you leave your car at the parking lot even for a few minutes. The intense sunrays heat the inside of the car to the point that you feel like you are getting into the oven when you enter your car. The good news, this could be avoided by installing a simple accessory that will make your life a lot easier and your driving more enjoyable. CARiD offers you to try the Audi S4 sun shades and ensures you that you won't be disappointed with this purchase.

The sun protectors are designed to fit the windshield of your Audi S4 precisely, covering the whole surface and not giving the sunrays the slightest chance of getting in. The metallic outer layer of the sun shades reflects the sunrays, while middle and inner layer ensure maximum insulation. Due to this system, this accessory can decrease the temperature in your car by up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. To install the sun shades simply roll them up and secure with the surrounding frame of the windshield. When not in use, put the sunshades in the special storage bag, or apply Velcro tape to keep them in place. The reasonable prices are a pleasant bonus to the highest quality of the accessory.