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Audi is one of the fastest selling car brands in the world market. This has mainly been due to the fact that these cars are designed and structured greatly such that they are able to exhibit maximum performance. However, despite these cars being very powerful and having excellent output efficiency, there is usually a great need to take extra care of them – well, they’re expensive too! One of the ways of maintaining your car in its best working conditions is by purchasing an automotive cover, this being a protective measure. Audi Q5 car covers shield the car from both manmade and natural hazards, which may include climatic conditions, bird feces, and other pollutants. Conditions such as direct sun, rain and dust can easily damage the quality of the car’s paint, which is why your Audi Q5 should remain covered whenever it’s not in use. This applies whether the car is stored in the garage or out in the open.

A good Audi Q5 car cover will deter thieves from stealing your car. To access a car that is covered using a quality fabric cover, a thief/burglar requires a substantial amount of time. Time is usually very crucial for a thief and given the length of time it’ll take them to uncover your Q5, they will probably opt not to attempt vandalism. An additional car cover security accessory such as a cover lock and cable will further deny unauthorized access to your car. There is a wide variety of car covers available for the Audi Q5 at CARiD. Most come in a high quality material, which helps in shielding the car from the effects of harsh climatic conditions. One such is the Universal Car Cover, a good choice of cover for the Q5. The best thing about this car cover is that it has a universality feature and can be used on all Audi Q5 models and years.

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    • Coverking® Satin Stretch™ Custom Car Cover
      (15 reviews)
      # 872
      Satin Stretch™ Custom Car Cover by Coverking®. Recommended for interior use only, this luxurious cover fits every curve of your vehicle like its second skin. Fully breathable, it saves your ride from mold, mildew and moisture...
      $183.41 - $510.39
    • Covercraft® NOAH™ Custom Car Cover
      (26 reviews)
      # 2340
      NOAH™ Custom Car Cover by Covercraft®. This cover is designed to provide maximum outdoor protection from acid rain, UV rays, snow, tree sap, bird droppings, dirt, and other airborne contaminants. 4 layers of non-woven fabrics...
      $190.56 - $370.74
    • Coverking® Autobody Armor™ Custom Car Cover
      (6 reviews)
      # 869
      Autobody Armor™ Custom Car Cover by Coverking®. Maximum water resistance and breathability, as well as sufficient stretch to fit like a glove and UVR-protection. This sounds too good to be true, but not for a custom created...
      $255.19 - $637.99
    • Coverking® Stormproof™ Custom Car Cover
      (25 reviews)
      # 870
      Stormproof™ Custom Car Cover by Coverking®. The highest possible density of fabric microfiber results in natural water-resistance and UVR-resistance without any protective coatings needed, that could increase the risk of the...
      $191.39 - $534.31
    • Classic Accessories® OverDrive PolyPRO™ 3 Car Cover
      (2 reviews)
      # 7208
      OverDrive PolyPRO™ 3 Car Cover by Classic Accessories®. PolyPro™ 3 triple layer fabric provides heavy-duty protection to hatchbacks, crossovers cars and a full range of sedans.
      $48.13 - $93.62
    • Coverking® Coverbond 4™ Custom Car Cover
      (12 reviews)
      # 873
      Coverbond 4™ Custom Car Cover by Coverking®. Built of four layers, this type of cover delivers breathability, both indoor and outdoor protection against UV rays, dust and pollutants and even light hail. Not only that – it will...
      $103.66 - $263.16
    • Classic Accessories® OverDrive PolyPRO™ 1 Car Cover
      (6 reviews)
      # 7207
      OverDrive PolyPRO™ 1 Car Cover by Classic Accessories®. PolyPro™1 single layer fabric protects vehicles against dirt, scratches, pollution and sun damage.
      $31.70 - $73.39
    • Coverking® Mosom Plus™ Custom Car Cover
      (2 reviews)
      # 882
      Mosom Plus™ Custom Car Cover by Coverking®. Suitable for indoor-outdoor use, it outlines every curve of your car and fits perfectly. Providing an outstanding barrier against rain, Mosom Plus Car Cover cares about the delicate...
      $119.61 - $295.06
    • Covercraft® Fleeced Satin Custom Car Cover
      (14 reviews)
      # 4158
      Fleeced Satin Custom Car Cover by Covercraft®. Keep your vehicle in pristine condition with this high-class product. Manufactured from soft yet durable fleeced satin, the cover is perfect for indoor and limited outdoor use and will...
      $202.55 - $382.52
    • Coverking® Triguard™ Custom Car Cover
      (11 reviews)
      # 881
      Triguard™ Custom Car Cover by Coverking®. Recommended for use under light weather conditions. It shows outstanding performance outdoors, protecting your car against water, sun and weather. The material Triguard™ Car Cover...
      $79.74 - $207.34
    • Covercraft® WeatherShield™ HP Custom Car Cover
      (14 reviews)
      # 2357
      WeatherShield™ HP Custom Car Cover by Covercraft®. This cover is designed specifically to give an extremely high level of UV protection in the most sun-intense environments. Its dense construction sheds water completely and...
      $252.83 - $545.45
    • Covercraft® Block-It™ 200 Custom Car Cover
      (15 reviews)
      # 2335
      Block-It 200™ Custom Car Cover by Covercraft®. This is one of Covercraft’s most lightweight and inexpensive car covers designed primarily for indoor storage and limited outdoor use. 3 layers of non-woven fabrics include an...
      $107.27 - $185.66
    • Covercraft® Dustop™ Custom Car Cover
      (16 reviews)
      # 2337
      Dustop™ Custom Car Cover by Covercraft®. This is an indoor-only cover designed for the finest of automotive paint finishes that offers Covercraft’s highest level of dust resistance. 4 layers of non-woven fibers block virtually...
      $177.45 - $325.46
    • Covercraft® Evolution™ Custom Car Cover
      (21 reviews)
      # 2338
      Evolution™ Custom Car Cover by Covercraft®. This outdoor all-weather car cover provides Covercraft’s highest and best level of protection from the sun’s UV rays as well as tree sap, bird droppings, minor hail, and door dings...
      $164.09 - $294.17
    • Covercraft® Sunbrella™ Custom Car Cover
      (15 reviews)
      # 2343
      Sunbrella™ Custom Car Cover by Covercraft®. This outdoor cover features acrylic fiber construction and provides Covercraft’s highest possible level of UV sun protection and breathability. Also offers strong protection against...
      $360.37 - $634.60

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    Just as with an indoor cover, if you regularly drive your car you’ll want a cover that is light and easy to handle, whereas a cover for long term storage can be heavier. If you live in a rainy humid region you’ll want a cover that sheds water, dries quickly and is breathable so moisture can escape. Areas with intense sunlight will require a cover with maximum...
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    COVERKING® - Custom Stormproof™ Car Cover
    2010 Audi Q5 | Posted by Isaac newton | (Carapichaima)

    This is a quality product. I love the way the cover hugs the contours of the vehicle and doesn't appear formless and ugly. The materials are high quality, a fact that is not readily evident when you first open the packaging but becomes obvious the first time you use it. I love this product. It is a bit pricey but worth every penny.

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