Audi Hitch Covers

Have you ever felt that your Audi doesn’t have enough space for you to take everything you need on a long journey? A trailer is the perfect solution. Not only does the trailer influence many aspects of your vehicle’s performance, it adds a lot of weight to the rear of your car - about 10 percent of the trailer’s weight is carried by the rear part of your automobile. This amount of weight (which actually varies: 10% of an empty trailer and of a trailer with a boat on it give different amounts of pressure) may cause your Audi’s rear to overweigh the front heavily, making steering difficult. Thus, the demand for a technologically advanced solution arises - a way to connect your vehicle and the trailer, that won’t cause your car to become less productive or even worse - unstable on the road. offers a wide range of Audi trailer hitches. You can find weight-carrying, weight-distributing as well as gooseneck hitches. Each type has been developed for a certain kind of trailer with many different aspects in mind (for example - how balanced your trailer is or what it is suited for). We have all you need to start your adventure with everything you deem necessary to take with you, even if it is a home on wheels with your whole family in it. Set sails!