Audi A6 Sun Shades

Reliable protection is what you need when it comes to UV rays. Even a child knows that too much sun is harmful for people, but when it comes to cars, it is even more dangerous. The hot summer sunrays leave cracks on vinyl, wooden and plastic surfaces, including your dashboard and wheel. They heat up the steering wheel to the point when you cannot touch it without getting burnt. Under the influence of sunrays the fabric on the seat gets faded. All these factors make your car look old, shabby and unkempt, thus minimizing its resale value, not to mention the fact that driving such a car is not much of a pleasure.

CARiD features the Audi A6 sun shades that will give excellent protection from the harmful sunrays. Because the sun shades were custom-cut for your model and year of Audi, they will cover the windshield completely protecting the interior of the vehicle. The ultimate protection comes with the three-layer design. The outer silver lining blocks and reflects the sunrays. The middle and inner layers work together to absorb the heat. When not in use, the sunshades can be stored away in the special bag that takes little space in your car. As always at CARiD the prices are pocket-friendly.

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Audi A6 Sun Shades Reviews
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2010 Audi A6
| Posted by | (Chesterfield, SC)

I bought this product for the price and for the fact that it was supposedly customized to fit my Audi A6. Guess what? It fits perfectly and living in the South where right now our temperatures are hitting 100 degrees F plus during the day, this sun shade keeps the rather large dashboard in this car from getting extremely hot as would occur without it. This does actually reduce the inside temperature of this car when it has been sitting in the sun all day, and even my steering wheel doesn't burn my hand like they will when the sun beats on them all day. Fits perfectly, rolls and unrolls easily and slides into the windshield area very easily once you have done it a couple of times.

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