Audi A6 Dash Covers

The Audi A6 is a luxurious and capable sedan, infused with the Audi’s brilliance: it is a blast to drive whether it is a sophisticated 3.0T trim or the sensible four-door rocket, the mighty S6. With handsome styling, engaging performance, and a rich, technologically advanced interior, your Audi A6 offers a significant level of sophistication that only few luxury cars can reach. All members of the Audi A6’ family come well equipped with a handful of standard (and optional) luxurious features. There’s only one accessory that didn’t come standard (or optional), and without which your Audi’s interior is not quite complete.

At CARiD we have an extensive selection of these accessories – the stylish dash covers. Dashboard covers will provide you with a number of advantages. First of all, they are very practical when it comes to your dashboard’s protection from degradation due to its constant exposure to heat and ultraviolet rays. Next, there’s an annoying windshield glare that may confuse you while you keep your eyes on the road ahead. Last, but not least, custom dash covers we provide come standard with the “looks that kill” kind of appearance, meaning that your interior will get a significant boost of “hard-not-to-notice” kind of attractiveness.

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