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    2013 Audi A3 Sportback Unveiled in Munich
    2013 Audi A3 Sportback Unveiled in Munich

    Audi didn't want to wait anymore and unveiled its 2013 A3 Sportback a few days before its official debut at the Paris Auto Show. The third-generation five-door Sportback has much in common with its three-door sibling: both vehicles include a new retractable LED display and revolutionary heads-up display that allows driver to be aware of the distance to the vehicle ahead, as well as the direction a pedestrian is walking, or the changes in vehicle direction. Unlike its sibling, the A3 Sportback has longer a wheelbase and is equipped with an additional window on the C-pillar and brushed aluminum roof rails. The new vehicle is less heavy too. Now, it weighs almost 200 pounds less than the previous model.

    The new 2013 Audi Sportback features a bi-fuel powertrain as part of the Audi e-Gas project. The vehicle runs on a synthetic natural gas, the so-called ''carbon-neutral'' fuel, which Audi produces itself. However, the vehicle also includes a gasoline tank. That allows drivers to switch between this two fuels while driving. There were some gear changes made to the A3 too. Depending on the engine type, it can be mated to either a dual-clutch with either six or seven gears or manual six-speed transmission.

    The details are vague, but according to Audi USA Corporate Communications manager Brad Stertz, the new Audi A3 won't come to the USA. Instead of it, a stylish 4-door sedan will become available sometime next year as a 2014 model.

    Audi Revealed Gas-Powered Audi A3
    Audi Revealed Gas-Powered Audi A3

    Audi has recently unveiled a new e-gas project, which will make a German automaker a leader in renewable energy. Under the motto of "Audi balanced mobility", the company targets completely CO2-neutral mobility. "CO2-neutral mobility is our goal," says Audi Chairman Rupert Stadler. He continues: "On the way to achieving this we are systematically using clean power. We are producing climate-friendly fuels and forming a new mindset for which our entire company stands. That's the objective of Audi balanced mobility."

    Audi AG has announced that starting in 2013, the company will begin the series production of TCNG models, powered by e-gas engines. Both the e-gas powered Audi A3 and the all-electric A1 e-tron will come as the first representatives of Audi's new environmental friendly 'balanced mobility' initiative. The Audi A3 will be powered with 1.4-liter turbocharged engine producing 109 hp. The vehicle's performance is expected to be closely to the 1.2 TSI petrol engine, which is used on the Audi A1. The Audi A3 maximum speed will be 118 miles per hour with a range of 250 miles. The vehicle will come with petrol and gas tanks. Such bivalent configuration allows the Audi A3 sport-back TCNG to run on petrol if the gas tank is empty. Gas-powered Audi A3 is an outstanding technical solution that enables vehicle to run with zero impact on the climate. Free of CO2 emissions, the Audi TCNG model does not clean up the atmosphere, but at least it does not contribute more pollution.

    The Audi A3 TCNG is planned to enter series production in 2013. Initially only 1,500 e-gas Audi A3 vehicles will be produced.