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The Audi A3 has been introduced a decade ago, first in Europe and then in 2006 it’s been brought to the United States. Your awesome A3 is a front-wheel drive sport wagon, which, although belongs to the class of entry-level cars, by no means lacks any of Audi’s lofty standards – every detail is right where it belongs. No matter what others think of it, the A3 provides you with the distinct German taste of Audi, meaning that it is a great example of the engineering excellence. To complement your Audi’s sophisticated interior features, at CARiD we have an exclusive selection of Audi A3 dash covers, specially crafted to the precise specifications of your vehicle’s interior.

Custom made dash covers that we offer can easily withstand even the most relentless conditions without undermining their integrity, meaning that your dashboard will always stay protected from any type of wear and tear. To ensure that it perfectly matches your dashboard, any cup holders, factory sensors, and air vents are taken into consideration during the manufacturing process in order for them to stay fully operational. At CARiD we have an abundant assortment of color designs and materials to pick from, therefore you will be able to choose a custom dash cover that will perfectly match your Audi’s lush interior.

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