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From Concept to Completion

ATS® has long history in the automotive business that started out of a small shop near Los Angeles, California, in 1971. After their first reproduction, rear spoiler wings became known for their quality and durability among customers in the Southern California, and the company expanded further into the areas of original design with its innovative wing shapes. As their base grew, ATS introduced their own running board designs, fender flares, and valance panels.

ATS has always prided itself on provide its customers with products that are free of defects. That process begins with high levels of quality control in all areas. After all raw steel, plastic, aluminum, rubber, paint, and other materials coming into the factory are checked for consistency, production equipment is inspected. All stamping tools and dies are frequently examined and repaired or replaced as needed. Paint machines are tested for accuracy and operation. Curing ovens are temperature tested to ensure product finish meets high standards. Only then the production of various components begin.

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Because ATS Design has always worked with custom paint application for wings, spoilers, fender flares, and more, they have applied expertise gained over 40 years to other products they offer in a way bigger producers do not. For example, if you’ve ever wanted a running board that is shipped to you already painted to match the exact color of your vehicle, ATS offers that level of customization on multiple designs. Want a custom-painted running board with lights on it? No problem, ATS has that covered as well.

Of note is the particular shape ATS crafts its aluminum running board frames in. To match strength levels of heavier steel, ATS casts the underside of the aluminum step frame in a patented “I-beam” girder shape. Resembling a capital letter “I” when viewed from the side, an I-beam has a strong vertical center core conjoined with a flange on each side. This results in a frame that provides much of the bending resistance of solid material without the density, weight and higher cost of it.

A variety of stylish running boards from ATS all achieve the difficult design goal of looking elegant, tough, and beautiful at the same time. To create such running boards takes years of experience and a high level of creativity – something most accessory producers cannot or will not match. One look inside at the ATS Design products in this section and you will become a believer. For example, the E2 series offers a step bar that is as easy to step foot on as a running board due to its creative shape, while the Edge series is an actual running board with a curved front shape that fools the eye and looks like a step bar from the side. Custom painting is available on the outer edge piece of the Matrix running board, and also on the entire top section of the Extreme I and Extreme II running boards. For a true one-piece look in black, the Uni I features a top section molded entirely out of thermal plastic. Tread patterns are designed into the surface, forgoing the need for a rubber grip pad.

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2007 Toyota Highlander
| Posted by | (St Petersburg, FL)

Looks great on vehicle, brackets were heavy duty and came with towing bracket for emergence (which was nice). Took few hours to install. Shop around for someone to install running boards and skip the dealer they are so $$$$. They look great!

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