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In May 2010, Aston Martin opened a new chapter in the history of the company with its Aston Martin Rapide. The car's life began with introduction of the concept car at the 2006 Detroit Auto Show. After the project was approved by the new shareholders of Aston Martin in mid-2007, the skillful designers and engineers made their best to put the project into life. Two years later, in 2009, the production version debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The Aston Martin Rapide is powered by the hand-built front mid-mounted 6.0L V12 engine. The power unit of the car is designed to produce 470 bhp and to allow for maximum torque of 443 lb.ft. at 5,000 rpm. It takes only 5.2 seconds for the the car to reach 62 mph. The Rapide is equipped with Touchtronic 2 six-speed transmission with electronic shift-by-wire control system. Being a sports car, the Rapide is engineered with the minimal body weight. The light curb weight (4,319 lb) is achieved due to the Aston Martin’s V/H platform made of bonded aluminum. The aerodynamic body is covered with nine coats of paint to ensure durable finish. The four-door sports car is employed with single bi-xenon headlamps with integrated LED side lights, LED rear lamps, direction indicators, and side repeaters. 20” Bridgestone Potenza wheels are included into the standard package of the Aston Martin Rapide accessories. It is the first Aston Martin vehicle to feature dual cast floating brake discs that combine aluminum and iron parts, providing maximum durability and rigidity as well as light weight. Braking efficiency is increased by mono-block design applied to front and rear brake calipers.

The elegant Aston Martin Rapide comes with such safety features as the dynamic stability control, ABS, electronic brake force distribution, traction control, emergency brake assist, hydraulic brake assist, electronic park brake, and positive torque control. The standard package includes cruise control, trip computer, BeoSound audio system with ICEpower technology. Satellite radio system is available for the USA only, while auto-dimming interior rear-view mirror with garage door opener is delivered for the USA and Canada. Full grain leather interior with metallic accents is designed to accommodate four persons. The center console comes with iridium silver external finish and graphite internal finish. A new entertainment option, a 6.5-inch screen, is also available. The LCD screens on the back of front seat headrests are powered by a six-DVD multi-changer fitted in the trunk compartment. Spacious luggage area delivers 317 L of capacity. When the rear seats are folded, the luggage area capacity increases up to 886 L.

Considering mastership of the Aston Martin's team, its decades-long experience and passion for cars, the company does know well how the perfect vehicle looks and performs. Aston Martin gives its car power, beauty, and soul, which are the qualities that turn every car into the all-time masterpiece. The same qualities are characteristic to the Aston Martin Rapide – the car of unparalleled features and flawless parts that fill your trip with unforgettable memories. Power, style, and class - that's the calling-card of the Aston Martin Rapide.

The Aston Martin Rapide Accessories and Parts offered at are chosen with the thorough attention to every detail. Whether you want to dress up your vehicle for added presence or hook up with the latest upgrades for performance and safety, our lineup of Aston Martin Rapide accessories will never let you down! All of our Aston Martin Rapide accessories and parts are guaranteed to provide a precise OEM fit and withstand the test of time. Sounds interesting? Click on your Model Year above today to find out more!

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Whatever you expect from your Aston Martin Rapide, a bold look, mind-boggling performance, greater ride comfort, or safer driving, CARiD goes the extra mile to meet all your needs. Our extensive range of premium accessories and parts covers all the bases, whether you want your vehicle to be more powerful, smarter, fun to drive, or just need to restore it to original condition. We know how to throw a classy appeal into your Aston Martin Rapide and keep it providing the best performance, so trust us and get the greatest bang for the buck!

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2014 Aston Martin Rapide | Posted by Jesse | (Abilene, TX)

The best sub I've ever owned! Before buying a sub of this magnitude, you'll need to upgrade your electrical system build a box to handle it. You will need a serious amp to feed this beast! Though it's extremely power hungry, the rewards are great! HCCA subs will shake the hell out of everything you own!

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