Aston Martin DBS Sun Shades

About Aston Martin DBS Sun Shades

While the sun is good for you and your health, it is very damaging for your car’s interior. The UV rays leave cracks on the dashboard and steering wheel, discolor the seats and heat up the car to the point when you can get burnt. To avoid this unpleasant situation, use the Aston Martin DBS sun shades from CARiD.

The sun shades give your car the ultimate protection from the sunrays and block out 99.8% of the sunrays. The secret of the sun shades is in their triple-layer design. The first layer is made from the silver polyurethane which reflects the damaging UV rays away from your car. The second and the third layer provide the complete insulation and keep the temperature in your vehicle at the reasonable level. The sun protectors are easily installed usually with the help of the attached suction cups. When not in use, the sun shades are easy to fold and store away in a special sun shades storage bag. As usual, you will be pleasantly surprised by our pocket-friendly prices. A few bucks is the sum worth paying for the comfort and protection that you will get with the new Aston Martin DBS sun shades.