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Arnott® - Generation III Rear Air SuspensionArnott® - Generation III Rear Air SuspensionArnott® - Generation III Front Air SuspensionArnott® - Generation III Rear Air SuspensionArnott Authorized Dealer
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Generation III Air Suspension by Arnott®. These are air springs designed not only as a replacement for OEM equipment, but as an upgrade. Tapered air bladder and a longer-than-stock 2-stage piston provide more comfort and stability on the road. Piston reduces to a narrower diameter for most of its length to optimize low-speed, off-road driving without jarring body roll. Air fitting nozzle on air spring mates up to vehicle’s original air lines easily with no modifications. Available for front and rear.

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  • Available in sets of 2 for front and rear applications
  • Tapered air bladder provides a smoother ride with better stability on the road
  • 2-stage piston reduces to a narrower diameter for most of its length to optimize low-speed, off-road driving without jarring body roll
  • Provides better articulation over uneven terrain
  • Aluminum outer sleeves increase the spring rate and prevent cracks and breaks from occurring on the rubber crease areas of air spring
  • Highest grade impact plastic resin prevents warping and cracking under hard shocks
  • Advanced rubber compound for air spring bladders is produced by Continental Rubber Company
  • Arnott sources many components from name brand companies that vehicle manufacturers used on original OEM parts
  • High-quality wrap-around crimping rings are used in place of factory original loose-fitting snap clamps - keeping grit and moisture sealed out better and enhancing long term reliability
  • Restore full effectiveness and comfort of your air suspension ride and eliminate the sag in ride height that results from worn, leaking air springs
  • Sized and shaped with precise original equipment dimensions for easy bolt-on installation that does not require modification
  • Arnott offers a limited lifetime warranty for North American customers on air springs. Orders outside of North America come with a 2-year warranty

If the ride height on your air suspension-equipped vehicle sags overnight or during driving, a faulty or worn air spring is most likely the problem. Air spring assemblies contain a flexible air bladder made of a multi-layer elastomer material that is reinforced by nylon cords. The inner layer is designed to be airtight, but over time as the bladder stretches to absorb forces within the air spring, cracks form as rubber naturally ages and dries out. Should you find yourself in the predicament of having to replace a air spring or springs, Arnott offers Generation III air springs that start by being rigorously designed to fit the fine OEM tolerances that your vehicle’s own manufacturer used.

But the main goal behind the creation of Generation III air springs is to improve on original Range Rover factory levels of ride quality, wheel articulation, handling under duress, and reliability. Where the air spring piston cross-section on OEM air springs becomes wider near the top of the spring, the Generation III piston cross-section is the opposite. Crafted out of a solid aluminum billet, the lower piston section serves to more effectively vary spring rates according to conditions. For example, when the smaller piston cross-section is in use, less air is displaced over bumps - yielding a softer spring rate when ride height is raised. Conversely, when the bellows are operating on the larger piston cross-section, a bump in the road produces a larger displacement of air which increases spring rate and stiffness at lower ride heights. Lower pistons feature a more comprehensive and progressive design that gives you comfort through better bump absorption at higher ride heights while maintaining controlled, stable handling at any speed.

The longer piston and bellows design of the Arnott Generation III air spring is a great match for those who have installed 2- or 3-inch lift kits on a 1995-2002 Range Rover. Adding longer shocks and recalibrating the Full Height setting will allow these air springs to maintain full articulation and stability at lifted ride heights. And if you have been finding the ride too harsh when using the Full Height setting, you’ll see a huge improvement with the Generation III air springs. Accidental encounters of dips and ruts will no longer end in the suspension bottoming out - instead the air springs will absorb the compression in an extremely comfortable fashion. In the Generation III springs, the narrower top zone reduces the spring rate to about 145 pounds of pressure in full height mode to soften the ride. In standard mode, the bellows are near the bottom and yield a spring rate of about 155 pounds. In low height or high-speed modes, the larger bottom section of the spring will yield approximately 225 pounds to firm up the ride nicely.

All components that go into Arnott springs are built by many of the same name brand companies such as Continental Rubber Company, Goodyear, Wabco, and others that your vehicle manufacturer used originally. Everything is sized and shaped precisely to original equipment dimensions, so these replacement front air springs are easy to bolt on without modification. While it’s easy to assume the higher cost of “factory” parts you’ll pay a dealer reflects a much higher level of quality, it is not always the case. What it most often does reflect is the fact that dealerships mark up their parts 100 percent to cover their own high overhead costs of modernized buildings as well as the costs to heat, cool, and staff those modern all-glass structures. Because Arnott uses only high-quality components and seeks to improve internal parts which are known weak spots of factory designs, you’ll get a superior quality air spring at a lower cost. Arnott backs Generation III air springs with a limited lifetime warranty for North American customers, and a 2-year warranty on orders outside of North America.

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Founded in Florida in 1989, Arnott Incorporated began with self-taught knowledge of air springs by a father and son team who performed repairs on air suspension systems on vehicles so equipped across their home state of Florida. Word of the Arnott’s mechanical expertise on air springs spread to a growing customer base eager to hire them, inspiring them to design and produce their own equipment, beginning in 1994. Since then, Arnott has continued to specialize in high quality components for air suspension components only, and faithfully builds all parts they sell to equal or greater levels of quality and durability than manufacturers do – matching or improving on the materials, design, and thickness of seals to name just a few things. Cost savings and great values come not from cheaper construction, lack of product testing, or cut-rate labor from questionable locations, but from the absence of markup that new car dealers and manufacturers subject customers to. Arnott proudly manufacturers and re-manufactures air springs and other suspension kits in the United States..

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Arnott® - Generation III Air Suspension
Arnott® - Generation III Rear Air Suspension
Average Rating:  4.5 of 5
1996 Land Rover Range Rover
| Posted by | (Snohomish, WA)

While this is obviously a solid product and I'm happy with the end result, installation was made several orders of magnitude more difficult by sloppy assembly of the unit. 3 of the 4 bags received did not have the top and bottom of the piston aligned correctly meaning they have to be twisted into place. A simple alignment would cure this and I can't imagine they don't have one. The alignment of the upper and lower mounting points is critical to smooth installation and unfortunately due to the tight tolerance of the unit, cannot be easily corrected by the end consumer.

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2002 Land Rover Range Rover
| Posted by | (St.johann, AA) quality for the best price... Thank you!

1 people found this review helpful.
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2002 Land Rover Range Rover
| Posted by | (St.johann, AA) quality for the best price... Thank you all!

1 people found this review helpful.
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