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The value of your vehicle will surely take a hit if the carpet is stained and threadbare come resale or trade-in time, so protecting the carpet makes sense. But that protection doesn’t have to be boring. You can shield your carpet from dirt and spills and make a personal styling statement at the same time with a set of our aluminum floor mats. They’re custom made for each application and available polished or powder coated in your choice of color.

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When most people think of car floor mats, rubber, vinyl, or carpet are the materials that come readily to mind. But why not go for the unusual, the unexpected – aluminum. Aluminum has many qualities that make for a good floor mat. Dirt and liquid won’t penetrate the surface; it’s extremely durable and won’t tarnish, rust or fade; and because it’s rigid it can’t bunch up under the brake and accelerator pedal, possibly causing an unsafe driving condition.

Each of the aluminum mats we offer is designed for a specific car or truck. The floorpan of each vehicle is measured using sophisticated equipment, then the aluminum is cut to these exact dimensions to ensure a perfect fit, maximum floor coverage, and easy installation. The mat’s raised diamond texture will prevent your feet from slipping, and the diamond plate pattern, so often seen on heavy-duty trucks, imparts a rugged look. With our aluminum mats installed, your valuable carpet will stay clean and dry, and your interior will have a custom look that can’t be beat.

Besides their unique look, aluminum floor mats also make vehicle maintenance easier. There’s no need to make endless passes with a vacuum nozzle trying to coax the dirt out of carpeted mats, and you’ll never have to worry about trying to remove stains. Aluminum mats don’t even have to be hosed off like rubber or vinyl mats because there are no ridges or channels to trap dirt. When they’re dirty, just remove them, wipe the dirt off, and reinstall. Along with mats for the 1st row, for some applications mats are also available for the 2nd row and the cargo area.

We know that many of you will save your aluminum floor mats strictly for display at car shows and to show off on cruise nights. The brilliant shine of polished aluminum and the selection of bright colors will make any vehicle they’re installed in a big hit. Polished mats will complement other interior brightwork like door sills, and bright metal consoles and interior trim plates. Powder coated color mats can be used to accent interior or exterior colors or to continue a color accessory theme throughout the vehicle. And the diamond plate finish is especially appropriate for tough trucks and off-roaders.

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2005 Chevy Corvette / Posted by Haynes (Avenal, CA) /

From ordering , to receiving to installation ease. It is made well and fits like a glove. I recommend CARiD 100 %.

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