AIRAID® 850-135 - SynthaFlow Panel Air Filter

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AIRAID® - SynthaFlow Panel Air FilterAIRAID® - SynthaFlow Panel Air FilterAIRAID® - SynthaFlow LayersAIRAID® - Filtration Technology 602x420Airaid Authorized Dealer
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SynthaFlow Panel Air Filter (850-135) by AIRAID®. Advanced air filtration technology, superior construction and the world's best warranty make an AIRAID air filter the best you can buy. It allows increased airflow and provides better air filtration than the factory air filter, which results in improved performance and engine protection. And if you're ever dissatisfied for any reason, just send it back, no questions asked.

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  • Improves airflow and engine performance
  • Provides superior air filtration and engine protection
  • Over 99% efficiency rating
  • Can be washed and reused
  • Backed by AIRAID's "No Hassle" warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA

All aftermarket air filter companies make claims for better airflow, but how many of those increases come at the expense of inferior air filtration? AIRAID air filters allow increased airflow while trapping the smallest dirt particles, the size that ordinary cotton-gauze "performance" air filters can't capture. In fact, AIRAID filters have over a 99% efficiency rating. And AIRAID is so confident in the performance of their filters that each one is backed by their "No Hassle" warranty.

At first glance, the SynthaFlow filter would appear to be just another aftermarket cotton-gauze air filter, but it's much more advanced. The SynthaFlow is a cotton-gauze and synthetic blend that outperforms plain cotton-gauze in clean air testing. The SynthaFlow features "five layer" filtration, with 4 layers of cotton-gauze supplemented by "the last layer of defense", a layer of synthetic media that produces the cleanest air of any washable filter. The filtering media is held together by epoxy coated aluminum wire mesh, specially designed to provide the optimum balance between maximum airflow and peak filtration. The SynthaFlow filter only requires servicing every 30-50 thousand miles under normal conditions, at which time it should be washed and re-oiled.

All AIRAID air filters feature a urethane frame, which is much more durable than the rubber used by most aftermarket filter manufacturers. And all panel style filters are made with 304 stainless steel mesh, for exceptional durability. The strength of the stainless steel won't allow the filter to bow in the center, allowing unfiltered air into the engine.

Finally, each AIRAID filter is backed by AIRAID's "No Hassle" warranty. There are no limitations or fine print here. Simply, if you're ever dissatisfied with the materials, workmanship, or performance of this air filter, just send it back... period! You don't have to worry about a proof of purchase or a warranty card. AIRAID filters are warranted for life.

Brand: Airaid       Part Number: 850-135       UPC: 642046851354
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AIRAID® was founded in 1997 when they began developing and manufacturing air intake systems for light trucks and SUVs, utilizing the cotton-gauze filter technology that was available at the time. These systems increased airflow and performance while being easy to install, and sold so well that the company soon realized that another source of filters was necessary. They believed they could produce a better quality filter using new technology and state-of-the-art materials, and so in 2002 the AIRAID Filter Company was formed. Today AIRAID is the recognized leader in air management technology. Extensive research and development has allowed AIRAID to come to market first with high quality products that improve drivability and performance.

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AIRAID® 850-135 - SynthaFlow Panel Air Filter
AIRAID® - SynthaFlow Panel Air Filter
Average Rating:  5  5 of 5
2008 Cadillac Escalade | Posted by | (Anniston, AL)

Five star stating all around. Ease of installation, appearance, price & quality. No complaints, far superior to the factory filter that I replaced.

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Vehicle FitmentThis part is compatible with 89 vehicle(s)
Year Make Model Fitment Notes
2014 Cadillac Escalade 6.0L / 6.2L
2014 Chevy Suburban 5.3L / 6.0L
2014 Chevy Tahoe 5.3L / 6.0L
2014 GMC Yukon XL 5.3L / 6.0L / 6.2L
2014 GMC Yukon XL Denali 6.0L / 6.2L
2013 Cadillac Escalade 6.0L / 6.2L
2013 Chevy Avalanche 5.3L
2013 Chevy Silverado 1500 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L / 6.2L
2013 Chevy Suburban 5.3L / 6.0L
2013 Chevy Tahoe 5.3L / 6.0L
2013 GMC Sierra 1500 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L / 6.2L
2013 GMC Yukon XL 5.3L / 6.0L / 6.2L
2013 GMC Yukon XL Denali 6.0L / 6.2L
2012 Cadillac Escalade 6.0L / 6.2L
2012 Chevy Avalanche 5.3L
2012 Chevy Silverado 1500 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L / 6.2L
2012 Chevy Suburban 5.3L / 6.0L
2012 Chevy Tahoe 5.3L / 6.0L
2012 GMC Sierra 1500 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L / 6.2L
2012 GMC Yukon XL 5.3L / 6.0L / 6.2L
2012 GMC Yukon XL Denali 6.0L / 6.2L
2011 Cadillac Escalade 6.0L / 6.2L
2011 Chevy Avalanche 5.3L
2011 Chevy Silverado 4.3L / 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L / 6.2L
2011 Chevy Suburban 5.3L / 6.0L
2011 Chevy Tahoe 5.3L / 6.0L
2011 GMC Sierra 4.3L / 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L / 6.2L
2011 GMC Yukon XL 5.3L / 6.0L / 6.2L
2011 GMC Yukon XL Denali 6.0L / 6.2L
2010 Cadillac Escalade 6.0L / 6.2L
2010 Chevy Avalanche 5.3L
2010 Chevy Silverado 4.3L / 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L / 6.2L
2010 Chevy Suburban 5.3L / 6.0L
2010 Chevy Tahoe 5.3L / 6.0L
2010 GMC Sierra 4.3L / 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L / 6.2L
2010 GMC Yukon XL 5.3L / 6.0L / 6.2L
2010 GMC Yukon XL Denali 6.0L / 6.2L
2009 Cadillac Escalade 6.0L / 6.2L
2009 Chevy Avalanche 5.3L / 6.0L
2009 Chevy Silverado 4.3L / 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L
2009 Chevy Suburban 5.3L / 6.0L
2009 Chevy Tahoe 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L
2009 GMC Sierra 4.3L / 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L
2009 GMC Yukon XL 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L
2009 GMC Yukon XL Denali 6.2L
2008 Cadillac Escalade 6.2L
2008 Chevy Avalanche 5.3L / 6.0L
2008 Chevy Silverado 4.3L / 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L
2008 Chevy Suburban 5.3L / 6.0L
2008 Chevy Tahoe 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L
2008 GMC Sierra 4.3L / 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L
2008 GMC Yukon XL 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L
2008 GMC Yukon XL Denali 6.2L
2007 Cadillac Escalade 6.2L
2007 Chevy Avalanche 5.3L / 6.0L
2007 Chevy Silverado 4.3L / 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L / 8.1L
2007 Chevy Suburban 5.3L / 6.0L
2007 Chevy Tahoe 4.8L / 5.3L
2007 GMC Sierra 4.3L / 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L
2007 GMC Sierra Denali 6.0L
2007 GMC Yukon XL 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L
2007 GMC Yukon XL Denali 6.2L
2006 Cadillac Escalade 6.0L
2006 Chevy Avalanche 5.3L / 8.1L
2006 Chevy Silverado 4.3L / 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L / 8.1L
2006 Chevy Suburban 5.3L / 6.0L / 8.1L
2006 Chevy Tahoe 4.8L / 5.3L
2006 GMC Sierra 4.3L / 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L / 8.1L
2006 GMC Sierra Denali 6.0L
2006 GMC Yukon XL 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L / 8.1L
2006 GMC Yukon XL Denali 6.0L
2005 Cadillac Escalade 5.3L / 6.0L
2005 Chevy Avalanche 5.3L / 8.1L
2005 Chevy Silverado 4.3L / 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L / 8.1L
2005 Chevy Suburban 5.3L / 6.0L / 8.1L
2005 Chevy Tahoe 4.8L / 5.3L
2005 GMC Sierra 4.3L / 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L / 8.1L
2005 GMC Sierra Denali 6.0L
2005 GMC Yukon XL 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L / 8.1L
2005 GMC Yukon XL Denali 6.0L
2004 Cadillac Escalade 5.3L / 6.0L
2004 Chevy Avalanche 5.3L / 8.1L
2004 Chevy Silverado 4.3L / 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L / 8.1L
2004 Chevy Suburban 5.3L / 6.0L / 8.1L
2004 Chevy Tahoe 4.8L / 5.3L
2004 GMC Yukon XL Denali 6.0L
2003 GMC Yukon XL Denali 6.0L
2002 GMC Yukon XL Denali 6.0L
2001 GMC Yukon XL Denali 6.0L
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Product Reviews (1)
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