AEM® 30-3020M - Water / Methanol FAILSAFE Gauge (4mm Metric)

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AEM® - Water / Methanol FAILSAFE Gauge (4mm Metric)AEM® - Water / Methanol FAILSAFE Gauge (4mm Metric)AEM® - Water / Methanol FAILSAFE Gauge (4mm Metric)AEM® - Water / Methanol FAILSAFE Gauge - Installation InstructionsAEM® - Water / Methanol FAILSAFE Gauge 602x420AEM Authorized Dealer
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Universal Water / Methanol FAILSAFE Metric Gauge (30-3020M) by AEM®, 4mm. Your high-performance engine can be subjected to catastrophic (and expensive!) engine damage if the water/methanol injection system flow stops or the volume is reduced. Protect your engine with the AEM Water/Methanol FAILSAFE Device. The device is easy to set-up, PC programmable via USB cable, and works on virtually any water/methanol injection system with 1/4” O.D. or 4mm O.D. tubing. The kit includes a gauge that can be configured for 0-500cc/min or 0-1000cc/min flow rates with interchangeable black and white face plates and black and silver bezels, and programmable backlighting and alarm.

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  • Protects engines with water/methanol injection systems from serious and expensive damage if water/methanol flow is reduced or stops
  • Actively monitors the entire water/methanol fuel injection curve to trigger an alarm event under any defined adverse condition
  • Can be used on virtually all water/methanol injection systems with either 1/4” O.D. or 4mm O.D. tubing
  • 1 low-side (ground) driver and 1 high-side (+12V) drive can be configured to turn on or off during an alarm condition
  • Drivers can be used to dump boost, reduce timing, etc
  • Gauge needle and backlighting cam be configured to flash when an alarm is triggered
  • Gauge alarm and backlighting are programmable to match interior lighting
  • Includes internal data logger that records injection and alarm status data for future reference
  • PC programmable via included USB cable
  • Auto-scaling flow map simplifies set-up and “Auto Set” feature creates baseline configuration
  • Fully adjustable alarm delay and reset period
  • Includes 0-5V output for use with dataloggers and virtually all engine management systems
  • Limited 1-year warranty

A water/methanol injection system injects a highly atomized mist of water/methanol mixture into the intake air stream, where it evaporates. As the liquid changes state to a vapor, it absorbs heat, which cools the air around it by as much as 100°F. As the inlet air is cooled, it becomes denser, delivering more oxygen to the combustion chamber. This enables more fuel to be burned for more efficient combustion and more power.

On a gasoline engine, this effect reduces the potential for engine damaging detonation, which in turn allows the boost pressure to be raised on forced induction engines or the timing to be advanced on naturally aspirated high-compression engines, both of which will increase power. However, if the water/methanol flow is reduced or stops, without a corresponding reduction in boost or timing, disastrous and expensive engine damage can result. AEM’s Water/Methanol FAILSAFE Device protects your engine with a low-side (ground) driver and high-side (+12V) driver that can be configured to turn on or off if an empty tank, failed pump, leak, or clogged nozzle causes no or reduced water/methanol flow and triggers an alarm. The driver can then be used to dump boost, reduce timing, change maps, add fuel, or perform practically any action to save your engine. The needle and backlighting on the included gauge can also be configured to flash when an alarm is triggered.

Competitor’s failsafe devices are flawed because they use a flow meter to establish water/methanol flow and utilize an external adjustment to trigger an alarm if the system does not detect maximum flow, using a time delay strategy to compensate for part throttle operation. But water/methanol flow is rarely zero or maximum flow, and with all of the other potential flow rates, a time delay strategy is not completely failsafe. AEM’s FAILSAFE device actively monitors the entire flow curve independent of pressure, continuously collecting flow vs. injection rate data so that any deviation from your established flow curve will trigger an alarm output.

The FAILSAFE Device is PC programmable via included USB cable, which eliminates the guesswork when setting minimum/maximum threshold parameters. It features PC-based software and an auto-scaling flow map that simplifies set-up, and it has an “Auto Set” feature that creates a baseline configuration. The kit includes a high-tech gauge, precision flow sensor with fittings, wiring harness, connectors, USB cable, and detailed instructions. The gauge is programmable for either 0-500cc/min or 0-1000cc/min flow ranges and comes with interchangeable black and white face plates and silver and black bezels to match your interior. The backlighting can also be programmed to match your factory gauges.

Brand: AEM       Part Number: 30-3020M       UPC: 840879021627
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John Concialdi and Bob Sullivan co founded AEM in 1987 as a tuning performance shop in Compton California. Both men had extensive technical backgrounds in engines and engine airflow, and in a short time AEM became the go-to company for performance modifications. By 1993, when the company relocated to Gardena California, it had become commonplace to see cars wearing the bright yellow AEM logo winning races. AEM tirelessly dyno tested and worked closely with racers and auto manufacturers in an effort to understand intake energy dynamics. This resulted in the sale of their first air intake kit in 1994. AEM can boast a number of firsts and unique products: They’re the first manufacturer to make an intake system with specific tube lengths and diameters to take advantage of pressure waves in the inlet tract; they developed the first dual chamber intake kit; they designed an air bypass valve to prevent hydro-lock should the air filter ingest water; and they created one of the first hybrid intake systems for modified cars. AEM continues to create innovative products to help you get more power from your car.

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