AEM® 21-203BF-H - Round DryFlow Brute Force Air Filter with Hole

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AEM® - Round DryFlow Brute Force Air Filter with HoleAEM® - Round DryFlow Brute Force Air Filter with HoleAEM® - DimensionsAEM® - Warranty InformationAEM® - Jason Camburg DryFlow Air Filter Video 602x420AEM Authorized Dealer
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Universal Round DryFlow Brute Force Air Filter with Hole (21-203BF-H) by AEM®. Size: 3" Flange Inside Diameter x 6" Base Outside Diameter x 5.125" Top Outside Diameter x 5.125" Height x 1.625" Flange Length. Top Style: Rubber. Flange Type: Centered. These filters are much larger than standard DryFlow filters and engineered to exceed the airflow requirements of large displacement engines. They are designed to be durable and function in rough, dusty racing conditions. Easy to clean - no oil required.

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  • Exceeds the normal airflow capacity of large displacement engines
  • Easy to clean – no oiling required
  • Durable - able to function properly in rough, dusty racing conditions and withstand almost unlimited cleanings
  • Guaranteed for the life of your vehicle
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA

Dimensions of the Available AEM Round Straight and Tapered Air Filters:

Part # Flange Inside Dia. (F) Base Outside Dia. (B) Top Outside Dia. (D) Length (L) Flange Length (FL)
21-200BF 2.25" 6" 5.125" 5.125" 1.625"
21-201BF 2.5" 6" 5.125" 5.125" 1.5"
21-201BF-H 2.5" 6" 5.125" 5.125" 1.5"
21-2019BF 2.5" 6" 5.125" 9.25" 1.5"
21-202BF-H 2.75" 6" 5.125" 5.125" 1.625"
21-202BF-OS 2.75" 6" 5.125" 5.25" 1.25"
21-202BF 2.75" 6" 5.125" 5.25" 1.25"
21-2029BF 2.75" 6" 5.125" 9.125" 1.563"
21-2027BF 2.75" 6" 5.5" 7" 1.5"
21-2028BF 2.75" 6" 5.5" 8" 1.5"
21-203BF 3" 6" 5.125" 5.125" 1.625"
21-203BF-H 3" 6" 5.125" 5.125" 1.625"
21-203BF-OS 3" 6" 5.125" 5.125" 1.625"
21-2038BF 3" 6" 5.125" 8.125" 1.5"
21-2039BF 3" 6" 5.125" 9.25" 1.5"
21-2110BF 3.25" 6" 5.125" 5.25" 1.438"
21-2113BF 3.25" 6" 5.125" 7" 1.5"
21-2109BF 3.25" 6" 5.125" 8.875" 1.438"
21-2047BF 3.5" 5.25" 4.75" 7" 0.313"
21-204BF 3.5" 6" 5.125" 5.25" 1.375"
21-2049BF 3.5" 6" 5.125" 8.938" 1.375"
21-2147BF 3.5" 6" 5.25" 7" 1.5"
21-2057BF 4" 5.75" 4.75" 7" 0.313"
21-205BF 4" 6" 5.125" 5.25" 1.5"
21-2059BF 4" 6" 5.125" 9.188" 1.438"
21-2069BF 4.5" 6" 5.125" 9.063" 1"
21-206BF 4.5" 6.5" 5.125" 5.125" 1"
21-2099BF 6" 7.5" 5.063" 9.125" 1"
21-209BF-H 6" 7.5" 5.125" 5" 1"
21-209DBF 6" 7.5" 5.125" 6.125" 1"
21-2100BF 6" 7.5" 5.125" 8.125" 1"

The AEM DryFlow Brute Force air filter exceeds the airflow requirements of “deep breathing” big engines under tough, dusty racing conditions. Brute Force DryFlow filters have a special filtering media that is tougher than the standard DryFlow filter media, to hold up under harsh environments and repeated cleanings. These filters will retain their shape and performance even after the most severe abuse. To prevent the filter from collapsing from flow demands, Brute Force filters also have a special lightweight, mineral-reinforced plastic cage that maintains the element’s structural integrity. The airflow capacity of Brute Force DryFlow filters far exceeds that of the stock engine’s requirements, so you have plenty of leeway for racing engine modifications without having to worry about exceeding the flow capacity of the filter. But airflow and durability haven’t been gained at the expense of filtration capability. Brute Force DryFlow filters have the same excellent filtration capabilities as standard DryFlow filters. They capture up to 99% of contaminants, extending the life of engine rings and seals. Finally, they are just as easy to clean as the regular Dryforce filters, and like all AEM Dryforce filters, require no oiling.

The AEM DryFlow Brute Force filter is constructed of a unique non-woven polyester-based filter media supported by a lightweight mineral-reinforced plastic cage. This filter media doesn’t require oil to filter and trap dirt and contaminants, and actually sheds dirt under engine vibration, unlike cotton-gauze, which holds onto contaminants until you clean the filter. The plastic cage helps the filter retain its shape, eliminating the chance of the filter collapsing from flow demands. The Brute Force filter is a favorite of racing teams competing in rough, dusty conditions. Cleaning is easy; simply tap the filter a few times to remove most of the dirt from the filter pleats, then spray the filter with AEM’s environmentally friendly, mild, all-purpose cleaner. Rinse the filter with clean water and allow to dry, or blow dry with compressed air. Best of all, the DryFlow Brute Force filter requires no oiling, so there’s never a chance of over-oiling. The DryFlow Brute Force filter is extremely durable and will withstand almost unlimited cleanings.

Brand: AEM       Part Number: 21-203BF-H       UPC: 024844282231
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John Concialdi and Bob Sullivan co founded AEM in 1987 as a tuning performance shop in Compton California. Both men had extensive technical backgrounds in engines and engine airflow, and in a short time AEM became the go-to company for performance modifications. By 1993, when the company relocated to Gardena California, it had become commonplace to see cars wearing the bright yellow AEM logo winning races. AEM tirelessly dyno tested and worked closely with racers and auto manufacturers in an effort to understand intake energy dynamics. This resulted in the sale of their first air intake kit in 1994. AEM can boast a number of firsts and unique products: They’re the first manufacturer to make an intake system with specific tube lengths and diameters to take advantage of pressure waves in the inlet tract; they developed the first dual chamber intake kit; they designed an air bypass valve to prevent hydro-lock should the air filter ingest water; and they created one of the first hybrid intake systems for modified cars. AEM continues to create innovative products to help you get more power from your car.

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