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    The Acura NSX could be named as a new opener of a brand new car concept in 1991. Its body structure, suspension and engine were made of the aluminum construction, which was definitely something new for the customers. It was an outstanding Japanese sports car that could surely race for being the number one car in its class. Although Acura NSX didn't have a huge success among the car devotees, it could really make you feel special, thanks to its exotic exterior and interior design. During the 2012 Detroit Auto show, the Acura NSX manufacturers performed the 2015 concept of a brand new futuristic NSX model that will offer an outstanding efficiency. And we are all super curious of how much success it will gain.

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    The Dead Legend Is Back: the NSX Concept Unveiled at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show
    The Dead Legend Is Back: the NSX Concept Unveiled at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show

    It's been seven years since Acura stopped the production of its sports car, the NSX. The auto maker decided to revive the legend with the introducing of the NSX concept at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. The biggest change made to the revealed car is the new mid-mounted direct injection VTEC V6 engine coupled with Acura's hybrid super handling all wheel drive system. Consisting of two electric engines, the SH-AWD system allows the engines to function independently of each other. It also allows generating both positive and negative torque to the front wheels while cornering. While this system is paired with a dual clutch transmission, the transmission gives the concept three separate electric power plants.

    Acura NSX was built with the race philosophy in mind using the lightweight build materials. As for the styling of all new super car, it is rather classic: aggressive angles in the nose, low profile roof line, and a windswept look running into a small rear spoiler. Using the low ground clearance, the NSX features hard angles.

    As promised by President and CEO of Honda Motor Co. Takanobu Ito, the supercar will answer the environmental responsibilities, in spite of its fun to drive spirit. Acura NSX will become a production model within the next three years.

    Acura NSX Successor Is On Its Way to World Debut
    Acura NSX Successor Is On Its Way to World Debut

    This year during the Shanghai Auto Show the officials of the Honda have brought promising news for the devotees of the Acura NSX. President of the Honda Motor Corporation says the company is working on a new sports car, which will become a successor to the iconic NSX model. The so called Japanese Ferrari was discontinued in 2005. Before the financial crisis affected the automotive industry the automaker had been developing a new halo sports car, based on the NSX model. However, the economic decline in 2008 forced the Japanese auto manufacturer to terminate the project.

    Speaking to the reporters, Takanobu Ito, the seventh President & Chief Executive Officer of Honda Motor, confirms that the successor will demonstrate exhilarating performance and at the same time will be Eco-friendly car. "That's the kind of sports car we want to make," said Takanobu Ito.

    Previously it was planned to create a car with front-mounted V10 power unit, producing at least 500 hp. The upcoming model is said to be powered by an electric motor to give a gasoline engine a boost. Other details as well as a release date were not mentioned.