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    Produced by Honda Motor Company, Acura is the first Japanese luxury brand. The creators coined a very special and taking slogan “Acura. Precision Crafted Performance” for this brand. And it should be mentioned that the manufacturer kept its words. Nowadays the Acura cars are available in the USA, Canada, China, Mexico and Hong Kong. Each Acura car has its distinctive exterior and interior skillfully created by experienced designers. Surely every driver wants to see their car as a unique one. Fortunately, it is easy to make this dream true with the whole variety of auto accessories, which are available on the market. License plates and frames are just one of million ways to make passers-by turn their heads when they see you.

    Our team has collected creme-de-la-creme license plates and frames produced specially for the Acura cars. You have an opportunity to make your car exclusive and unique by using this little accessory. Our list is divided into car models and model years of production to make your searching as easy as possible. Each product we offer you is first-rate and unique. Finally, time makes more converts than reason. So experience the products we propose and appraise their quality yourself.

    Inject an extra dose of style into your vehicle! Uber-voguish and extremely durable, the license plates that are gathered at can do more than simply underline the beauty of your vehicle. They'll show everybody around that you know how to use accessories and create the look that screams class. Masterly crafted from the stellar materials and finished to sparkle like a diamond, license plates are your key to the realm of style. So, don't hold back! Check out over 9 license plate reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and find the product that captures your spirit.

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    2008 Acura TL
    Posted by

    "I recently purchased a used Acura TL and the previous owner had put some kind of front plate on the car. If I removed the mount, it would leave unsightly marks on the front of the vehicle. This plate made a very attractive alternative to the ugly black mount that was there before. I was very pleased with the quality of the product and the ease of mounting. I was pleased to see that pretty much every type of mounting screw I might need was included with the plate. I consider this to be a purchase well worth the expense. The contact I had with the sales staff was very courteous and helpful and I was very pleased with how quickly it arrived."

    Acura CL
    Posted by

    "The license plates i ordered was everyting I expected, Carid is the only place that carried what I was looking for. I wasn't to thrilled about the price but it was exactly what I wanted, the plates were deivered with great speed. "