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You car is not designed to withstand intense heat. High temperatures cause cracks on your dashboard and your leather seats, and bake your steering wheel. If you do not put up the needed protection on the windshield, you will feel like getting into an oven just after leaving your car in the sun for half an hour. The good news is you can shield your vehicle from getting heated by purchasing the Acura ILX sun shades.

At CARiD you can get the whole set of sun shades for a very reasonable price: windshield sunshades, rear window sunshades and side window sunshades. All the sun shades have the triple-layer defense. The exterior layer has light-reflective coating that keeps the interior cooler. The middle and the inner felt layers insulate against heat. With the help of such design the temperature in the car can be effectively reduced down by 40 degrees F. And for those of you who want each detail of the car to be stylish and fashionable, we offer the sun shades in the variety of colors to match the exterior of your Acura ILX or its interior accessories. The sun shades fold easily and can be kept in a special storage bag that does not take much space in your vehicle.

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We know you've seen this: you have walked through a crowded parking lot at the mall or the beach during the summer, and you've spotted the flimsy cardboard windshield shade that has an illustration of a pair of sunglasses on it. On the reverse side is the word "HELP", as if you have time to set the shade in place while you're in the middle of your emergency. We are...
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