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Do you want to reduce the period of time your vehicle needs to stop and also make your brake system function more effectively? It isn't hard to do if you know the way this system operates. Nowadays the most common brakes are the disc ones. They are a lot like the brakes on any bicycle. The bicycle brake system has a caliper that squeezes the brake pads against the wheel. The process is the same when a brake disc of your vehicle functions. The difference is that brake pads squeeze the rotor instead of the wheel.

Any brake system wears out because of the constant influence of the friction. Moreover, high temperature and dust shorten the life of your brakes. We offer you dimpled and slotted rotors in order to cool your discs in a better way and keep the dust away. Moreover, our team stockpiled the most extensive collection of brake pads. If you want to replace all parts of your brake system, you can purchase the finest brake kit on our website. Finally, we handpicked the most comprehensive catalog of brakes and brake parts for virtually all car makes and models including the Acura EL. So, whatever type of EL brakes you are looking for, you won't find a better selection than the one we offer you.

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Disc brake rotors (aka 'rotors') are the actual discs that brake pads clamp onto, creating friction that slows a vehicle. Disc brake rotors bolt on over the axle hub and contain holes that allow wheel mounting bolts to pass through and rotate with the wheels. Since there are many rotor styles and designs specially created for every budget and need, we’ve listed...
Squealing noise upon brake application is actually caused by a high-frequency vibration of metal rotors, drums, or brake pad backing plates. Excess corrosion that forms over time on non-contact, outer perimeter areas of rotors and drums is a prime cause because rust is looser and less dense in nature – therefore, more likely to create resonation.