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Starter motors and alternators have a tough job. Starter motors are high-torque motors which must have the ability to turn over, or crank, an engine under varying weather and mechanical conditions. Without a functioning starter motor, you simply cannot start up a modern vehicle's engine.
By definition, an automotive battery is an electrochemical device that stores and provides electrical energy on demand. Electrical energy is produced inside the battery by a chemical reaction occurring between two dissimilar plates immersed in an electrolyte solution. When the battery is discharging, it changes chemical energy into electrical energy and releases...
Hybrids are everywhere these days and can be defined as, "any vehicle combining two or more sources of power which can directly or indirectly provide propulsion." Although all hybrid vehicles on the market today use batteries as one of the power sources, there are different mechanical layouts and operational approaches in the way electric motors function alongside...
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Acura Charging & Starting Reviews
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| Posted by | (Ellsinore, MO)

I have sent out for a replacement (Thank you reikken). Once it gets here if the new one functions like this one should have I will fix this review. I plugged it in just like the directions said. Set the voltage to 14V. This was intended to power my Hitec X4 battery charger for my Rc Helicopters and planes. Well on the first power up after about 2 mins of being powered on the little light started flashing and the protection module alarm went off. The battery charger hooked up is a 450W 15amp battery charger. This is a 45amp 1300w power supply. So I was no where near the limits (did that intentionally). Needless to say they are going to pick it up tomorrow and a new one should be here on Friday. If the new one works properly I will adjust this review, but until then I cant justify it. I was using half its load capacity and it lasted less than 5 mins. (I was actually only using 3 amps on the charger, pulling 5amps from the unit), Edit and UPDATE: So I have had this for about a year now. I use it with different work bench applications, battery chargers for drones. Its an ok unit. Not the most accurate gauges (by far) and sometimes it does over heat a little more easy than I would like. Not used for strenuous applications, and never is it pushed past 50% of its indicated abilities. But its a decent product. Don't expect commercial style use out of it. its better suited for home projects.

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