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Today’s vehicles are much more sophisticated than they were ten years ago. Advanced technologies have led to computer systems in your automobile to analyze its current state and automatically perform tune-ups and maintenance to keep it running in top shape. Actron diagnostic tools will definitely come in handy since they make diagnosing a problem quicker and easier, thus preventing costly repairs in future.

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      A/C Manifold Gauge Set by Actron®. Actron Air Conditioning Manifold Gauge Set diagnoses and charges your vehicles air conditioning system. Designed for R134a refrigerants this Actron A/C manifold gauge features a heavy duty all...
      # 1952803
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      Analog Multimeter by Actron®. This analog multimeter is a rugged, accurate, easy-to-operate, compact instrument. The stable linear meter movement allows it to make accurate measurements. The multimeter contains modern components...
      # 1952805
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      AutoAnalyzer™ by Actron®. This AutoAnalyzer™ performs all standard electrical tests for on-car and bench troubleshooting. Locate faulty wiring, test electrical components, engine sensors, ignition and fuel systems and...
      # 1952806
    • (1 reviews)
      Autoscanner by Actron®. Get Professional Grade scan tool features at a code reader price. Now, more affordable than ever for LIVE data. Live Data allows the user to view vehicle sensor, switch and relay inputs in real time, while...
      # 1952807
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      AutoTroubleShooter™ by Actron®. This ingenious tool performs all standard electrical tests for on-car and bench troubleshooting. Locate faulty wiring, test electrical components, engine sensors, ignition and fuel systems and...
      # 1952810
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      Battery/Alternator Tester by Actron®. This simple, ultra-compact battery/alternator tester checks the proper voltage and is quick and easy to use. This versatile charging system tester requires no internal battery of its own and is...
      # 1952812
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      Chrysler LH Cable by Actron®. This cable kit allow users to easily retrieve and read on-board computer I and II trouble codes and read live vehicle data for a faster diagnosis. These autoscanners are sophisticated yet extremely...
      # 1952814
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      Chrysler SCI Cable Kit by Actron®. This cable kit allow users to easily retrieve and read on-board computer I and II trouble codes and read live vehicle data for a faster diagnosis. These autoscanners are sophisticated yet...
      # 1952815
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      Digital Multitester by Actron®. This feature-packed multitester combines several functions in one unit. The most basic instruments include an ammeter, voltmeter and ohmmeter. It also has software that accurately measure AC voltages...
      # 1952818
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      Ford Code Scanner by Actron®. This Ford code scanner accesses Ford's self-test system, retrieves engine trouble codes from the on-board diagnostics computer, and uses audio and visual indicators for reading the codes. This code...
      # 1952823
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      $28.30from $22.64 - $37.87
      Compression Tester by Actron®. Professional compression tester detects worn rings, burnt valves and blown head gaskets.
      External pressure release valveFull 2-1/2” easy-to-read face
      # 16549474
    • (1 reviews)
      $21.20from $16.96 - $42.25
      Vacuum Pump/Brake Bleed Kit by Actron®. Check vacuum operated components on cars and trucks, including distributor advance mechanisms, heater and air conditioning baffles, PCV & EGR valves, headlight cover doors, and transmission...
      Rugged steel handle frameSolid brass cylinder, cylinder head and piston
      # 16549478
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      $45.53from $36.42 - $85.25
      Timing Light by Actron®. This timing light is a strobe light used for checking ignition timing and fires whenever the spark plug does to maximize engine efficiency. Some older timing lights may require the removal of the spark plug...
      Timing light is heat resistant over molding on battery clipsIt has on/off one touch control with all metal inductive pickup
      # 16549453
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      Fuel Pump Diagnostic Kit by Actron®. The Fuel Pump Diagnotic Kit is designed to help determine if a fuel pump is defective or can help diagnose possible fuel-system related performance problems. The included AutoAnalyzer™...
      # 1952825
    • (1 reviews)
      Code Scanner by Actron®. This GM code scanner retrieves engine trouble codes from the on-board diagnostics computer and relays them to you via the dashboard "check engine" lights. The software, PC interface cable, and case are not...
      # 1952826

    Auto diagnostic equipment by Actron inspects and tests automobiles for all kinds of problems and determines their relevant and reliable solutions. Battery and circuit testers, electrical testers and test leads, multimeters and analyzers, pressure and vacuum testers, various scan tools and code scanners, as well as other types of diagnostic equipment are offered by the manufacturer to give today's professional technicians along with do-it-yourselfers the most accurate information to make repairs to modern vehicles fast and easy.

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    For over 45 years already, Actron has been providing the vehicle repair market with the utmost in diagnostic tools, electronic and mechanical testers, timing lights, and specialty tools. Nowadays Actron is a successful worship leader in R&D, designing, and product engineering. Every Actron code reader and scan tool incorporates CAN (Controller Area Network) and the patented TrueLink Technology, which guarantees any tool will link to every OBD II compliant car (1996 and newer), thus assuring the owner an accurate and fast diagnostic output – the key step to the successful auto repair.

    To accurately test the condition of your car’s battery and charging systems, Actron offers an ultra-compact and heavy-duty professional grade battery tester that is perfect for checking current voltage level. The Actron test leads and circuit testers feature top quality and high visibility polyurethane leads for excellent memory retention and enhanced resistance to grease and oil. Actron remote starters make it possible for one person to crank or start engine from under the hood, whereas the Actron sensor tester combines the igniter, ignition module, and sensor testing into one device to do everything from verifying the temperature in your AC system to helping in finding an overcharge in electrical systems. Engine vacuum, cylinder compression, fuel and hydraulic brake pressure are the things that all vehicles need in order to run (and stop) smoothly. Actron's pressure and vacuum testers are especially designed to quickly diagnose vacuum-operated components, fuel delivery systems, intake and exhaust valves, head gaskets, piston rings, and perform one-person brake bleeding. Actron also offers an outstanding collection of user-friendly analog and digital multimeters, each of which is built to serve a specific need or application. Most multimeters can perform automotive-specific functions such as dwell, tach, etc., as well as tackle most household electrical projects. In addition, Actron has a vast range of timing lights that can help anyone from a serious mechanic to an occasional DIYer.

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    Good little scanner for the price. Of course you have to by other things to update it if you want the whole package but I am pleased with it.

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