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      # 913963
      DESERT HAWK A/P All Season / Performance Tires by Achilles®. These premium quality tires are specifically designed to provide you the qualities of light truck passenger and a quiet experience on your SUV.
      $116.00 - $123.00 (ea)

    Established by ITOCHU Corporation known worldwide as a global trading and investment company with more than 150 years of history, Achilles was introduced to the American market in 2007 and quickly gained a strong reputation as an innovative manufacturer of premium tires. In only 8 years, the company was able to find its niche in the global tire market. Today Achilles is known as a leader and trend setter in the tire industry. With its full lineup of High Performance, Ultra High Performance, Light Truck, SUV, Van and Winter tires, the company keeps earning followers across the globe.

    • ACHILLES® - ATR Sport Tire Installed
    • ACHILLES® - Tires on a Sporstcar
    • ACHILLES® - ATR Sport Tire
    • ACHILLES® - Racing Tires
    • ACHILLES® - Tires on Racing Car
    • ACHILLES® - Models
    • ACHILLES® - Desert Hawk on Toyota FJ Cruiser
    • ACHILLES® - 123S Tires
    • ACHILLES® - Offroad Tires
    • ACHILLES® - Tires
    • ACHILLES® - Racing Lexus SC430
    • ACHILLES® - ATR Sport Tires on Car

    Achilles innovated many technologies to provide their customers with tires that are in their own league when it comes to quality, durability, and performance. Manufactured using dB Silent Technology, Achilles tires offer reduced noise for a quieter ride. ATR GEN.2 (Advanced Technology Radial 2nd Generation) ensures superb radial construction, while a°Technology improves cornering performance and assists in water channeling and self cleaning.

    Achilles tires also offer a number of smart features such as four wide circumferencial grooves that greatly improve wet traction and reduce hydroplaning, solid center rib that provides straight line stability for improved handling, interlocking thread block that enhances both directional stability and cornering performance, and directional thread design that ensures excellent traction for wet and dry road conditions. Utilizing the latest technologies, the company provides drivers with innovative tires such as Achilles ATR Sport that fit the highest driving needs. Achilles never rests on its laurels continuously expanding its lineup to offer the latest in technological advances in the industry. This company maintains the highest quality standards to provide you with tires you can trust.