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When you own a 4WD vehicle, you get the pleasure of being able to drive almost anywhere you want, which means no destination is too difficult for you to reach. Of course, this means there are a few extra parts to maintain in order to keep this feature, but it is a small price to pay when you are driving to places other vehicles could not even imagine driving to. One part you need to maintain is a 4WD actuator, which is perhaps the heart of the system.

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The 4WD system on your vehicle is much more complicated than you might expect because it must reach the balance between difficult driving and minimizing the wear and tear on different parts. One of the parts heavily involved in this is a 4WD actuator, which will allow your front wheels to move freely without power from the engine when you do not need them and will engage them as required.

The 4WD actuator can be found underneath the vehicle, usually at the front where it is doing its job, and is connected to the different drivetrains powering each front wheel. The connection can be made or disengaged as required, whether manually or automatically, and as soon as the connection is made,+ your RWD will become a 4WD. The actuator is a fairly small component but made of very solid components because it is under great stress every time your wheels turn, and it can be made to engage or disengage in a way that could snap a weaker component.

However, despite their strength, 4WD actuators are not going to last forever, and they will experience problems if you have them for long enough and you are using them often. One of the biggest problems is caused by general wear and tear, and it can cause the actuator to break either partly or completely, which is quite obviously a bad thing. On the less scary end of the scale, 4WD actuators can fail to engage correctly with the drivetrain component, or they could fail to disengage. No one likes problems but replacing them when they occur will remove them from your life.

To identify when they have occurred, you can look out for some symptoms whenever you are driving. Perhaps the easiest symptom to notice is that the front wheels will no longer drive when you need them to, meaning difficult terrain becomes a lot more difficult and your vehicle is no longer capable of doing what it used to do. However, if you hear noises from the front wheels like a humming, then you can assume the actuator is not disengaged completely when it is supposed to be. Uneven wear on the front tires can also demonstrate problems with one being forced to work harder than the other.

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