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    About 2015 Toyota Corolla

    The 2015 Toyota Corolla keeps with this model's reputation for reliable, frugal transportation, while adding a lot more appeal over the Corolla of two years ago. Compared to previous models, the current Corolla features a sportier look, quieter cabin, and a number of new in-car technologies that today's sedan buyers expect. This car is about three inches longer than the pre-2014 Corolla and offers a longer wheelbase with the wheels farther out near the corners of the car, which gives a sportier stance, plus more interior space. In addition, the 2015 Toyota Corolla is the first car in its class equipped with standard LED headlights. To offer something for everyone, the car is available in four trim levels: L, LE,LE Eco, and S. Specially designed for those with a sporty soul, the Toyota Corolla S features a rear spoiler, aggressive front grille, and sport seats, while the LE Eco offers ECO Mode and 16 inch aerodynamically designed alloy wheels.

    The 2015 Toyota Corolla comes standard with a 1.8 L four-cylinder DOHC (Double Overhead Cam) 16-valve engine making 132 HP and 128 lb. ft. of torque. It features VVT-i (Dual Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence) that constantly varies both exhaust and intake valve timing for more torque at medium and low speeds, greater fuel efficiency, enhanced output at higher speeds, and reduced emissions that meet ULEV (Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle) II standards. The Corolla LE Eco is powered by a 1.8 L four-cylinder DOHC 16-valve engine with Valvematic technology making 140 HP and 126 lb. ft. The Valvematic technology uses advanced valve control to manage air intake and optimize both responsiveness and efficiency. While the Corolla L is available with a 4-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission with intelligence (ECT-i), the Corolla LE and LE Eco offer a shiftless transmission, known as the CVTI-S, that has been engineered to ensure maximum fuel-efficiency and low emissions, while integrating the responsive shift feel of a conventional transmission. The CVTi-S is a metal belt and pulley-based system that automatically adjusts to keep the engine operating in the strongest and most fuel efficient range of RPM’s given the driving situation.

    On the Corolla S, the CVTi-S is matched with paddle shifters that allow the driver to emulate up to 7 gear changes and sport mode that enhances engine response. For those who are ready to take control and look for high level of responsiveness, both L and S models are also available with 6-speed manual transmission designed to provide smooth, quiet shifts and sporty-feeling clutch operation. All Corolla's trim levels feature a MacPherson suspension optimized to reduce vibration smoothing out the driving. In the rear, Torsion-beam System has been updated with toe-control trailing arm bushings for better rear stability, and that ensures quicker steering response. The Corolla S features a higher spring rate that provides a sportier driving.

    The interior of the 2015 Corolla has been designed to accommodate a variety of lifestyles. It's comfortable, functional, stylish, and inviting, while displaying attention to every part and accessory. Rear seat passengers feel at their most comfortable thanks to a flatter floor for more foot room, slimmed down front seat backs that open up more leg room, and high density foam in the seat cushions coupled with a more ergonomic hip point for greater support and better positioning. When you need extra space for more stuff, just fold rear seats down. The Corolla also exudes craftsmanship. Ornamental stitching along the edge of the dash, pinstriped accents, and a number of exclusive accessories help to convey an upscale and sporty image.

    Behind the wheel, you can easily monitor important information such as current/average fuel economy, estimated cruise ran, etc. thanks to the customizable Multi-Information Display with 3.5 inch screen. The car also features climate control, steering wheel, backup camera, standard audio system, and other devices and systems designed to make your driving as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. When any parts of your Corolla are worn or accessories are damaged and required replacement, turn to CARiD's wide selection of premium quality 2015 Toyota Corolla parts and accessories designed to meet all your repair and maintenance needs. All products on offer are made by leading manufacturers that can be counted on for quality, so you are guaranteed to get the highest possible level of quality and durability with each and every part and accessory purchased here.