2015 Ford Mustang Paint & Coatings

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      $32.55from $26.04 - $426.49
      Universal Super Spray Mask by Taylor Cable®.
      # 9786438
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      Universal Satin Black Touch Up Paint by ARB®. Satin black touch-up paint for ARB Bumpers and Rock Sliders.
      Made in Australia2 Year Warranty
      # 15960671
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      Copper Gasket Cement by VHT®, 12 oz. VHT Copper Gasket Cement has been formulated with the same ingredients as our world-renowned high temperature coatings. VHT Copper Gasket Cement maintains excellent adhesion under severe...
      # 4014437
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      Rust Convertor by VHT®, 10.25 oz. VHT Rust Convertor destroys rust on contact. It sprays on clear and turns to a black metal-protecting coating to prevent future rust from forming. Specifically formulated for application over...
      # 4014438
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      $11.13from $8.90 - $9.26
      Flameproof™ Very High Temperature Coating by VHT®, 11 oz. Coating will renew and extend the life of any surface exposed to extremely high temperatures. This unique coating is a matte finish, silicone ceramic base widely used by...
      # 4014634
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      $8.71from $6.97 - $8.09
      Engine Metallic™ High Temperature Coating by VHT®. Under hood engine dress-up never looked this good, or stood up to high-heat temperatures like VHT Engine Metallic™ Paint. Formulated for high temperature and high performance...
      # 4014649
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      $8.38from $6.70 - $6.97
      High Temperature Engine Enamel by VHT®. VHT 550°F (288°C) Engine Enamels™ are available in a wide range of colors, including exact match factory colors. All colors have excellent durability and superior heat and chemical...
      # 4014660
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      $7.56from $6.05 - $6.98
      High Temperature Anodized Color Paint by VHT®, 11 oz. Now DIYers can create an anodized look under their hoods. This unique transparent coating creates an anodized effect over properly prepared chrome, shiny bare metal and faux...
      # 4014693
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      $9.38from $7.50 - $8.90
      High Temperature Caliper Paint by VHT®, 11 oz. VHT Brake, Caliper. Drum and Rotor Coatings have been specifically designed for the custom detailing of brake components. It is heat resistant to 900°F (482°C) and will not chip,...
      # 4014701
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      $8.71from $6.97 - $7.73
      High Temperature Wheel Paint by VHT®, 11 oz. VHT Wheel Paint provides a great finish and real protection for all standard and custom wheels. Every day wheels take a beating both on and off the road. Salt, sand, brake dust and rocks...
      # 4014713
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      $8.71from $6.97 - $8.37
      Wrinkle Plus™ High Temperature Coating by VHT®, 11 oz. VHT Wrinkle Plus™ combines strong colors with a deep rich texture for a custom look. It is temperature resistant to 350°F (177°C) and is ideal for adding a touch of...
      # 4014722
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      High Temperature Roll Bar and Chassis Coating by VHT®, 11 oz. VHT Roll Bar and Chassis Paint is a one step epoxy coating that does not require primer. It gives the appearance of a tough baked-on finish that is chemical, corrosion,...
      # 4014727
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      $7.90from $6.32 - $6.64
      Epoxy All Weather Paint by VHT®, 11 oz. Is a one-step epoxy coating, which does not require the use of a primer. It has been formulated to give the appearance and durability of a baked-on finish. It provides a porcelain-like finish...
      # 4014731
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      Nite Shades Lens Cover Tint by VHT®. Is a transparent tail light lens coating for creating a custom European styling. When applied to tail lights, fog lights or turn indicators, VHT Nite-Shades™ appears black until they are lit,...
      # 4014736
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      Plate Finish by VHT®, 11 oz. Is a unique quick drying formulation specifically created for application on metal, glass, and wood or sealed plaster surfaces. This non-tarnishing epoxy finish has outstanding brilliance and corrosion...
      # 4014740
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      Vinyl Dye™ Vinyl and Fabric Coating by VHT®, 11 oz. VHT Vinyl Dye™ for vinyl and carpeting restores or changes the color of any vinyl upholstery, seats and trim, or the "short nap" carpeting found in today's cars, boats and...
      # 4014743
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      $6.23from $4.98 - $9.42
      Premium General Purpose System by VHT®, 11 oz. Get professional looking paint results you’ll be proud of with convenient, easy to use spray cans. VHT’s Premium General Purpose System includes every product you need to go from...
      # 4014757
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      $10.28from $8.22 - $8.26
      Automotive Metallic Spray by Dupli-Color®. Automotive Metallic products provide a brilliant metallic finish to automotive accessories, such as trim, grills, bumpers. Available in multiple colors, Dupli-Color Automotive Metallic...
      # 34417667
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      $6.38from $5.10 - $24.43
      Caliper Kit by Dupli-Color®. Customizing brake calipers has never been easier. Dupli-Color® Caliper Paint is a durable, protective coating resistant to chipping, brake dust, and automotive chemicals. Formulated with Ceramic...
      # 38342740
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      $10.90from $8.72 - $21.99
      Chemicals by Dupli-Color®. Dupli-Color offers a complete line of specialty chemicals designed for demanding professional applications. Dupli-Color Specialty Chemicals are designed for surface preparation, thinning of paint and...
      # 38342744
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      $9.05from $7.24 - $7.38
      Engine Paint with Ceramic™ by Dupli-Color®. Engine Enamel contains Ceramic Resins for maximum heat dissipation and gloss retention. The resins offer protection from exposure to excessive heat and automotive fluids. Excellent for...
      # 38342772
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      Flexible Bumper Coating by Dupli-Color®. Flexible Bumper Coating renews and protects weathered or discolored bumpers, molding, and rub strips. This tough protective coating offers a uniform, solid color with superior adhesion to...
      # 38342783
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      $8.98from $7.18 - $9.98
      General Purpose System by Dupli-Color®. Self-Etching Primer etches and primes bare metal in one step, making it ideal to use as the first step in all automotive priming projects and for use on spot repairs. A high-quality...
      # 38342848
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      Metal Specks™ Paint by Dupli-Color®. Metal Specks™ combines 'old school' color with 'new school' technology to create the next evolution in metal flake paints of the past. Create a unique and custom brilliant-metallic finish...
      # 38342857
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      $10.18from $8.14 - $9.06
      Metalcast™ Paint by Dupli-Color®. Anodized Color turns ordinary chrome pieces into a bright, transparent-colored metallic finish in an easy one-step process. Metalcast is a durable enamel finish that is oil, gas, and heat...
      # 38342921
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      $5.13from $4.10 - $24.63
      Paint Shop™ Candy Coat System by Dupli-Color®. Gives you everything you need to create a high-quality DIY finish - primer, color and clear. Paint Shop is a high-quality lacquer system designed for automotive and motorcycle...
      # 38342935
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      $30.41from $24.33 - $25.67
      Paint Shop™ Finish System by Dupli-Color®. Gives you everything you need to create a high-quality DIY finish - primer, color and clear. Paint Shop is a high-quality lacquer system designed for automotive and motorcycle...
      # 38342950
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      Prep Kit by Dupli-Color®. Surface preparation is a critical step in any quality painting project. Product removes dirt, road tar, grease, wax and oil from any surface without leaving a film residue.
      # 38342965
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      Textured Metallic Spray by Dupli-Color®. Textured Metallic Coating combines textured particles with metallic highlights to create a unique finish and color. This skid-resistant coating can be used on interior finishes including...
      # 38342990
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      Trunk Spatter Paint by Dupli-Color®. Trunk Spatter Paint duplicates the speckled finish of OEM trunk interiors. Its high-build formula covers scars and abrasions and restores trunk interior to a "like-new" factory finish. Ideal for...
      # 38343005
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      $6.70from $5.36 - $9.28
      Undercoating by Dupli-Color®. Dupli-Color offers a complete line of undercoating products ideal for providing protection for wheel wells, gas tanks, frames and supports, weld joints, floor pans, doors, and quarter panels....
      # 38343019
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      Vinyl and Fabric Spray by Dupli-Color®. Restore or customize your interior vinyl seats, dash boards, door panels, shifter boots and consoles with Dupli-Color® Vinyl and Fabric Coating. Formulated with a maximum adhesion promoter...
      # 38343049
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      $10.08from $8.06 - $8.22
      Wheel Paint by Dupli-Color®. Customize or dress up worn out wheels with Dupli-Color® Wheel Coating. This advanced, track-tested acrylic enamel formula restores original wheel appearance and protects against brake dust, chemicals,...
      # 38343052
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      Copper Plate Coating by Dupli-Color®. Copper Plate Coating is a two-can system that creates a deep copper effect over high quality polished metal or true chrome surfaces for cars, trucks and motorcycles. The system includes a...
      # 39255290
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      Effex™ Clear Coat by Dupli-Color®, 7 oz. Give non-metallic paint a brilliant glitter effect with Dupli-Color® Effex™. Available as a clear top coat which allows the base color it is applied over to shine through, Effex is...
      # 39255291
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      Hot Tires™ White Pen by Dupli-Color®, 0.5 oz. Whether your tires are old or new, Dupli-Color® Hot Tires™ gives you a way to add color or personalize your muscle car, truck, or sport compact tires. This fast-drying, durable...
      # 39255292
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      Paint Stripper by Dupli-Color®, 11 oz. Paint Stripper quickly removes paint, varnish, shellac and lacquer in minutes. Effective on metal, wood, glass, and other hard surfaces, Dupli-Color Paint Stripper penetrates into cracks and...
      # 39255293
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      Rust Fix™ Rust Treatment by Dupli-Color®, 10.25 oz. Destroys rust on contact by bonding and transforming it into a sandable and paintable surface. Sprays on clear and transforms into a black, metal protecting coating that...
      # 39255294
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      Shadow™ Chrome BlackOut Coating by Dupli-Color®. Shadow™ Chrome Black-Out Coating is a two-can system that creates the popular look of black chrome on polished metal or chrome surfaces for cars, trucks and motorcycles. The...
      # 39255295
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      Trim Paint by Dupli-Color®, 11 oz. Trim Paint is formulated to restore an OEM Flat Black finish to metal trim and molding around windows, body sides, and other vehicle areas. Trim Paint is a quick drying and durable coating ideal...
      # 39255296
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      Extend™ Rust Treatment by Loctite®, 10.25 oz. Aerosol Can. This one-step rust remover is a synthetic latex resin that destroys old rust and prevents new rust. Within minutes after application, rust disappears and is replaced by a...
      Stops rust, seals and protects the surfaceConverts existing rust into a tough black coating
      # 24594971
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