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      # 85201652
      Chevy Corvette 7-Speed 2014, Concept LED Sidemarkers Set by Oracle Lighting®. Includes: 2x Amber SMD Front Sidemarkers, x2 Red SMD Rear Sidemarkers and Installation Instructions. These are complete "plug and play" replacement...
      Plug & PlayClear, Tinted or Ghosted
      $212.46 - $432.61
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      # 88788401
      Chevy Corvette 7-Speed 2014, ColorSHIFT LED DRL Upgrade Kit by Oracle Lighting®. Clear lens. Includes: 2x ColorSHIFT Replacement PCB Circuit Boards, 1x ColorSHIFT Control Box, 1x Wireless Remote Control. This new kit allows you to...
      ColorShift unit allow to select a variety of colors and patternsTakes the factory lighting from mild to wild
      $271.96 - $347.65
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      # 79516924
      Chevy Corvette 2014, Headlight LED Conversion Kit by Putco®. Are your factory incandescent bulbs dim and need immediate replacement? Replace them with brighter, crisper and longer lasting Putco LED bulbs. You not only make your...
      For upgrading from factory halogen bulbs to LEDsIncreased brightness for great visibility
      $110.99 - $221.99
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      # 75990237
      Chevy Corvette 2014, HID Headlight Replacement Bulb by Oracle Lighting®. This is direct replacement for your OEM Xenon HID headlight bulbs.
      Designed to replace factory HID bulbsAvailable 4300K, 6000K, 8000K, 10000K, 12000K
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      # 63478398
      Chevy Corvette with Factory Xenon/HID Headlights 2014, HID Headlight Replacement Bulb by EVO Lighting®, 1 Bulb. EVO lighting products from CIPA are on the cutting edge of the lighting industry. You can rely on EVO automotive...
      Primary Power (Watt): 35Primary Filament Life (hours): 3000
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      # 181998795
      Universal 3/4" Round Frost LED Marker Light by Nova-Lux®. 1 Piece. Our mini marker light with 3 Powerful LED's. With a Unique frosted Clear lens to give it a cool surround glow and 3 led's for head on brightness.
      3 Powerful LED'sScrew mount for easy installation
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      # 116525531
      Universal Side Marker Light Kit by Warrior®, 2 per Pack. 2” Side Marker LED Light Kit contains two round lights, two mounting grommets and two wiring pigtails. LED lights carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.
      Grommet Style MountPermanently Attached Wiring Pigtail
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      # mpn1719950614
      Universal 2.75" Round Chrome LED Fog Light with Bracket by Nova-Lux®. 1 Piece. Chrome housing, clear lens. 10W, 6000K, White Light. To enhance both visibility and looks of your vehicle, these opulent fog lights are offered at a...
      Quick and easy installationDesigned to add a touch of class and style to your vehicle
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      # 10791029
      Universal LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) by Lumen®. Clear lens. Lumen offers add-on LED lighting assemblies in a range of shapes and sizes that can be mounted on your vehicle to increase safety, style, and decrease risk of...
      Lumen add-on daytime running light LED assemblies are sold in sets of twoAvailable in multiple sizes and shapes
      $49.95 - $69.95
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      # mpn478136390
      3W X5 LED DRL Module by Oracle Lighting®. Clear lens. Includes: 2x - 3W LED Running Light Modules. 3 Watt LED Daytime Running Light is a High Intensity LED Module with 5 LEDS containing 3 Watts each, for a total of 15 Watts per...
      Weight: 1lb .7ozDimensions: 6.2"x1.75"x1.1"
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      # mpn478136391
      4W X2 LED DRL Lights by Oracle Lighting®. Clear lens. Includes: 2x - ORACLE 4x1W 4 LED Daytime Running Light Module 1x - Control Wire Harness x2 - Fixing Brackets 4x - Installation Screws 1x - Set of M6 x 16mm bolts/nuts 3x - Fast...
      Weight: 4.8oz EachDimensions: 45mm x 70mm
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      # mpn478136384
      6W LED DRL Lights by Oracle Lighting®. Clear lens. Includes: 2x - 1W 6 LED Daytime Running Light Module. 1 Watt 6 LED Daytime Running Light Module uses High Intensity LEDs in a 6 inch box design. It can be used on any type of...
      Weight: 5.8ozDimensions: 6"x6"x1.6"
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      # mpn478136393
      12W Plasma LED DRL Lights by Oracle Lighting®. Clear lens. Includes: 2x - 12W 7" Plasma LED Daytime Running Lights. 12W 7" Daytime Running Light Module uses High Intensity Plasma LEDs in a 7" lightweight design. It can be used on...
      Operating Voltage: 12V DCSize: 6.7” x 0.5” x 0.2”
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      # 75090418
      LED DRL Flexible Strips by Oracle Lighting®. 1 Pair. Clear lens. Includes: 2x ORACLE LED Accent DRLs of your selected color and length, 2x Power Inverters, Mounting Clips. Single Color. The New LED Accent DRL Flexible strips allow...
      Available in White, Blue, Red, Amber & Switchback (Amber/White)Easily Connects to Factory Turn Signal / Parking Light
      $38.21 - $53.51
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      # 142089477
      Universal Smoke LED Daytime Running Lights by Anzo®, 1 Pair. Smoke lens. HI Powered. These powerful lights are brighter than factory and are designed using the latest computer assisted design technology. Anzo uses this CAD...
      Brighter than Factory LightsFactory and Projector Styles
      $41.82 - $45.62
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      # 142089476
      Universal LED Daytime Running Lights by Anzo®, 1 Pair. Clear lens. These powerful lights are brighter than factory and are designed using the latest computer assisted design technology. Anzo uses this CAD technology to not only...
      Brighter than Factory LightsFactory and Projector Styles
      $41.82 - $45.62
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      # 177519040
      Universal ArmorBeam™ LED Driving Lights by PlasmaGlow®. Get the brightness and high efficiency of LEDs in an attractive set of driving lights. These lights will fit any vehicle and come with everything required for installation....
      Highly efficient, compact and durable LED lightsProvide bright, crisp light
      $53.32 - $126.30
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      # mpn104962030
      Universal Rectangular Slim LED Daytime Running Light Kit by Hella®. Includes: 2 Lamps with Brackets, Control Unit and Wiring Harness, Universal Mounting Hardware, Step-by-Step Mounting Instructions. Kit includes 2 module chains...
      LED daytime running lights set with position lightAvailable options with between 5 to 8 LED modules that can be configured into the fascia of the vehicle
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      # mpn359163455
      Universal White Daytime Running Light with Strobe by EVO Lighting®. Clear lens. Give your vehicle a unique custom look.
      Fully universal100% waterproof
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      # 15856330
      Universal PlaZma LED Halo Rings by Lumen®. Increase your vehicle’s wow factor while improving visibility with LED Halo Rings. Previously exclusive to luxury cars, now for little cost and a few hours of work any vehicle can have...
      Gives your car, truck, or SUV a unique, distinctive appearanceProvides increased illumination, making your car more visible to other drivers and improving your motoring safety
      $49.95 - $69.95
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      # 5335645
      Universal LED EVO Eyes by EVO Lighting®. EVO Formance LED EVO Eyes create a brilliant ring of Ultra White light around virtually any headlight giving your vehicle a high-end and aggressive look. They are made from high temperature...
      Create a brilliant ring of Ultra White light around virtually any headlight giving your vehicle a high-end and aggressive look, Requires a 12 volt power systemMade from high temperature resistant materials so they will not melt when mounted inside the vehicle's headlight housing
      $38.79 - $44.83
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      # 5335649
      Universal Neon Blue EVO Eyes by EVO Lighting®. Includes: Mounting Brackets. EVO Formance Neon EVO Eyes create a brilliant ring of light around virtually any headlight giving your vehicle a high-end and aggressive look. They are...
      Create a brilliant ring of light around virtually any headlight and give your vehicle a high-end and aggressive look, based on Ultrabright technology and much brighter than regular neon tubes, clearly visible day or nightMade of high temperature resistant materials that will not allow the rings melt when mounted inside the vehicle's headlight housing
      $70.49 - $72.54
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      # 860497
      Universal Lightning Eyes LED Headlight Kit by PlasmaGlow®. Clear lens. Give your car the look of a European luxury car with Lightning Eyes. Lightning Eyes are unique, thin LED light strips that can be mounted almost anywhere....
      The look of European luxury for any carBright LEDs increase your visibility
      $42.94 - $90.38
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      # 168043996
      Universal 150 Series LED Side Marker Lights by J.W. Speaker®. 12-24V, Includes Mounting Assembly, ECE/SAE Compliant. The smallest LED signal lights, the 150 Series is designed to be mounted in tight spaces.
      LEDs provide bright, white light to clearly see the inside of your vehicleAcrylic lens resists scratching and scuffing
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      # 143186272
      Chevy Corvette with Factory HID/Xenon Headlights 2014, Remanufactured OE Driver Side Headlight by Replace®. With LEDs. For safe motoring you need fully functioning headlights, to see the road and be seen by other drivers, but...
      Like new function and appearanceCarefully inspected and tested
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      # 79208288
      Chevy Corvette with Factory HID/Xenon Headlights 2014, Brand New OE Replacement Headlight by K-Metal®. These superior headlights are made with expert craftsmanship to provide the latest in quality and value. The K-Metal Brand New...
      Brand new original equipment (OE)Identical to the part sold at the dealership

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      Care And Feeding Of Your Composite Headlamps
      The condition of a vehicle's headlights is probably the last thing most drivers worry about unless there's a significant problem. Yesterday's cars with sealed beam headlights required little maintenance other than to replace a round or rectangular unit when one burned out. And once a new headlight was put in, everything looked and worked like new again.
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      How To Install A Set Of Custom Headlamp Assemblies
      If the front of your vehicle is its “face”, then the headlamps have long been considered the vehicle’s “eyes”. Everyone notices them. One of the most distinctive changes you can make to the face of your car or truck is to replace the factory headlamp assemblies with a custom set. Your ride will take on a personality all its own, and will gain a distinctive appearance that will set it apart from all the other look-alike vehicles on the road.
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      Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Replacement Factory Headlamp
      We at CARiD know that there are times when you need to replace factory headlight assemblies with units that match the quality and function of your originals. While it's more "fun" to customize your ride, sometimes the repair takes priority. One headlamp lens may be cracked. You may have been in a minor fender-bender (lamp bender?) and the mounting tabs may have broken. Note that "factory" style headlight assemblies we sell are designed to replicate the original lamps, so you will not be considering features such as LEDs, halo rings, or projector beams. We've created this article to help ensure what you purchase is exactly right for your needs and wants.
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      How To Choose The Best Custom Headlamp Assembly For Your Car
      Custom headlamp assemblies on the market today tend to be grouped into four main designations: "Projector" style, "Halo" style, "LED" style, and "Euro" style. This can lead to confusion, because "Halo" style headlamp assemblies may also be equipped with projector lights and LED bulbs. Or, "Euro" style headlight assemblies may be equipped with halo rings, projector lights, and LEDs… or they may not be. You may be asking yourself which style is the best choice for me? See our Custom and Factory Headlight Glossary for definitions and more details about each style.
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      A Brief History Of Sealed Beam Headlamps In The U.S.
      Those of you born after 1990 or so have grown up in an automotive world where “all cars” have composite headlamp assemblies, uniquely designed to be make- and model-specific. If a light within the assembly burns out, you replace “just” the bulb. If the unit cracks, you must purchase a replacement that fits your car and your car only.
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      Custom And Factory Headlamp Glossary
      When searching for a new set of headlamp assemblies for your ride, you may come across any number of terms which require explanation. Like many other accessory categories, headlamps use their own terminology. For your convenience, we provide you with this list, presented in alphabetical order, and with photos to help you identify these features.
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      What Are The Different Types Of Halo Headlight Rings?
      Ever since BMW introduced "halo" headlights to serve as daytime running lights on their 2001 5-series, rings of light encircling round headlamp bulb openings have caught on around the world as THE dramatic way to add visual Wow and stance to a vehicle's front profile. While composite headlamp assemblies became mainstream in the 1980s, it wasn't until the turn of the millennium that automakers began to style multi-faceted projector beam style bulbs within the housings.
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      Automotive LED Lighting Explained.
      There is now LED lighting technology available for every conventional automotive lighting purpose. The incandescent bulbs haven’t really developed that much in the 140 years they have existed, while the development rate of LEDs is very rapid, with LED performance being doubled every 36 months, a development rate that is similar to the fast pace of computer development.
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      How Does a Halogen Light Bulb Work?
      Today, halogen bulbs are most often used for headlights and fog lights, and their increased light output increases driver visibility in darkness and inclement weather. Halogen bulbs are a variant of the traditional incandescent bulbs that have been used since the early days of the electric light. The bulb is either evacuated (has a vacuum) or filled with an inert gas to keep the filament from oxidizing.

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    • This products looks good on my 2005 Chevy Monte Carlo • Up to now it hold very well under high speeds ride for long distances. • The retrofitting process was easy and straightforward.
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