2013 Volvo C30 Canoe Carriers & Kayak Racks

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      Volvo C30 2013, BowDown Kayak Rack for Optional Crossbars by Yakima®. A cradle type rack transports the kayak on its side, leaving space on your roof rack for other gear. It's the perfect type of rack for touring or recreational...
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      Volvo C30 2013, HullRaiser Kayak Rack for Optional Crossbars by Yakima®. These lightweight but rugged steel J-cradles will safely and securely transport one kayak on its side, where it’s most rigid, leaving space on your roof...
      Safe, secure roof rack transport for one kayak on its sideHullRaiser mounts to round and square roof rack crossbars
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      $43.75from $35.00 - $159.00
      Volvo C30 2013, BigStack Kayak Carrier for Optional Crossbars by Yakima®. Looking for a way to carry multiple whitewater kayaks on your roof rack? With its ultra slim profile, the BigStack takes up the least amount of roof rack...
      Safe, secure roof rack transport for up to 4 whitewater kayaks on their sidesFolds down when not in use for better aerodynamics and increased roof clearance
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      $73.75from $59.00 - $109.00
      Volvo C30 2013, Mako Saddles Kayak Rack for Optional Crossbars by Yakima®. If you like transporting your kayak on the hull and loading it from the rear of the vehicle, you can't do better than Yakima's Mako Saddles. With amply...
      Provides easy loading and ample hull support for secure, stable, kayak transport on your roof rackGenerously sized pads protect the hull
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      $73.75from $59.00 - $109.00
      Volvo C30 2013, HullyRollers Kayak Rack for Optional Crossbars by Yakima®. Load even the heaviest kayak with ease with HullyRollers. These Dynaflex™ padded rollers protect and grip your hull, and they mount on pivoting bases that...
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      $73.75from $59.00 - $99.00
      Volvo C30 2013, EvenKeel Kayak Rack for Optional Crossbars by Yakima®. If you've been searching for the best value in kayak transport, look no further because it's right here. For one low price you get everything you need to carry...
      Provides safe, secure transport for one kayak on your roof rackIncludes 4 saddles, tie-down straps and bow/stern tie-downs
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      Volvo C30 2013, LandShark Kayak Rack for Optional Crossbars by Yakima®. Looking for an inexpensive way to support your kayak on a roof rack? These 4 saddles will provide all the support you need for safe and secure transport of any...
      Affordable crossbar support for plastic, rigid-hulled kayaksIncludes 4 saddles
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      Volvo C30 2013, KeelOver Canoe Carrier for Optional Crossbars by Yakima®. If you're looking for an easy to install, easy to load, and affordable canoe carrier that installs to any style crossbar and comes complete with everything...
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      Volvo C30 2013, ShowBoat Kayak Loader for Optional Crossbars by Yakima®. Have a heavy kayak or canoe to load onto your roof rack and there's no one around to help? No worries as long as you have the Yakima ShowBoat Kayak Loader....
      Boat load assist roller eases loading of kayaks and canoes onto roof rack crossbars and protects vehicle during loading and unloadingMounts to round, square, and factory crossbars with universal built-in hardware
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      Volvo C30 2013, Side Boat Loader by Rhino-Rack®. The Rhino Rack Side Boat Loader is a revolutionary product designed to take the hard back breaking work out of lifting your small boat on and off your vehicle's roof. The side boat...
      Loads from passenger or driver side of vehicleUses a hand drill for effortless loading
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      $156.38from $125.10 - $161.10
      Volvo C30 2013, J-Style Kayak Carrier by Rhino-Rack®. J-style carriers transport your kayak on its side to minimize width and take up less space on the cross bars, allowing other cargo or carriers to be installed on the roof rack....
      Transports kayak safely and securely on its side to take up less roof rack space, enabling other cargo or carriers to be installed on the roof rackComes in fixed and folding versions
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      Volvo C30 2013, Base Unit Kayak Carrier by Rhino-Rack®. This rear loading watercraft carrier is designed to bear the load of bigger, heavier boats. It features heavy-duty glass reinforced nylon cradles that can be mounted in 2...
      Safe, secure kayak and canoe transportLoads from rear of vehicle
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      $167.63from $134.10 - $143.10
      Volvo C30 2013, Nautic Loading Kayak Carrier by Rhino-Rack®. The Kayak and Canoe Carrier is the perfect solution for carrying your Kayak or canoe. The Carrier features flexible soft rubber pads that are specifically designed to fit...
      Flexible soft rubber pads designed to fit the contours of your water sport itemIncludes camloc tie down straps
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      Volvo C30 2013, Nautic Kayak Lifter by Rhino-Rack®. The Nautic Kayak Lifter is a complete system for easily loading and unloading sit on top kayaks. It is the only one in the market that has an 80kg load capacity, does not require...
      Quick and easy set upNo drilling required in kayak
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