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      Ford Mustang 2013 SCR In-Cabin Tuner by Superchips®.
      # 51930220
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      Ford Mustang 2013 Flashpaq Tuner by Superchips®. This compact diagnostic programmer connects with any OBD II compatible vehicle to adjust levels of horsepower and torque most beneficial to towing, racing, fuel economy, or...
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      Ford Mustang 2013, Trinity Programmer by DiabloSport®. This hi-res color screen programmer plugs in to any vehicle’s OBD II port to remap ECU operation for increased power and mileage. The screen displays a wealth of vehicle...
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      Ford Mustang 2013, inTune Programmer by DiabloSport®. With dimensions smaller than most smart phones, this full-function programmer plugs in to any vehicle’s OBD II port to remap ECU operation for increased power and mileage. The...
      # 53057587
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      Ford Mustang 3.7L DOHC 2013, Max Energy Programmer by Hypertech®. Premium Fuel: HP Gain 10, TQ Gain 14. Regular Fuel: HP Gain 10, TQ Gain 10. The Max Energy Programmer series provides high levels of power and economy for gasoline...
      # 9057262
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      Ford Mustang 2013, Livewire TS Performance Programmer & Monitor by SCT Performance®. Recalibrate your vehicle’s engine management computer for better performance with the Livewire TS Performance Programmer and Monitor. It comes...
      Recalibrates your vehicle’s computer to maximize performance, develop more power and torque, and increase fuel mileageArrives pre-loaded with dyno-proven tune files
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      Ford Mustang 2013, Scorcher Tuner by aFe®. The Scorcher programmer is fully integrated to work with the aFe Power modifications you've made to your vehicle. The tuning information takes into account and takes advantage of your...
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      Ford Mustang Base / Boss 302 / GT / Shelby GT500 2013, Dynamic Spectrum Tuner by JET®. The JET Performance Programmer lets you take control and program your own vehicle computer to match your driving style. JET's exclusive...
      Modify Virtually Every AspectAllows Editing Of Fuel And Spark Tables
      # 13547093
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      Ford Mustang Base / Boss 302 / GT 2013 VIVID LINQ Performance Chip by Superchips®. This controller unit for your gasoline-powered vehicle offers all VIVID Paq functions, but without the tablet screen. Connects to most Android-based...
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      Ford Mustang 2013, Ignition Performance Module by JET®. JET Stage 2 Computer Chips/Modules will unleash the true high-performance potential of your vehicle's engine and completely remove the dull factory settings! The modules will...
      Provide Performance Gains Up To 21 Horse PowerEasily Installed In Less Than 30 Minutes
      # 13553778
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      $373.75from $299.00 - $399.00
      Ford Mustang MFI 2013, Insight CS / CTS Monitor by Edge®. Specially created to provide the ultimate level of vehicle instrumentation, the compact CS and wide-screen CTS monitors plug in to any OBD II compatible vehicle port. Fault...
      # 49779801
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      Ford Mustang Base / Boss 302 / GT / Shelby GT500 2013, Speedometer Calibrator Programmer by Hypertech®. The law requires accurate speedometer readings, even if you have non-stock tires or gear ratios installed. The Speedometer...
      # 4585340
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      Ford Mustang 2013, RAM Mirror-Mate™ Mounting Kit for Triple Dog GT and WatchDog by Bully Dog®. Adds a Ram-Mount ball mount between the OEM mirror and the mirror button glued to the windshield glass. Does not affect location or...
      # 42488664
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    The throttle controller will basically bypass the computer in the vehicle. It is designed to take the information right from the accelerator position sensor and compile it in a high speed controller circuit that compiles the signal sent from the Accelerator position sensors. With this controller you are able to program it to different options and the throttle...
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    2012 Ford Mustang | Posted by Pascal | (Assens, AA)

    First of all, I apologize for the poor English, my language is french. I bought the Performance Module after verifying that my 2012 V6 Mustang was build in USA and that was so. Mounting time was about half an hour, you have to take back a piece of the front (a cover) to be able to access to the module. I drove about 500 km and I noticed a better mileage and a better throttle response. It is say that the module is for "overall performance" and I think it is right. Seems to be a very good product for the money !!

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