Covercraft® C17064PN - WeatherShield™ HP Custom Green Car Cover

2012 Subaru WRX
Image may not reflect your exact vehicle! Covercraft® - WeatherShield™ HP Custom Green Car CoverImage may not reflect your exact vehicle! Covercraft® - WeatherShield™ HP Custom Green Car CoverImage may not reflect your exact vehicle! Covercraft® - WeatherShield™ HP Custom Green Car CoverCovercraft® - Custom Car Cover ComparisonCovercraft® - WeatherShield™ HP  Care and Use GuideCovercraft® - Catalog 2013Covercraft® - Custom Car Cover InformationCovercraft® - Information on Car Cover MaterialsCovercraft® - WeatherShield™ HP Custom Car CoverCovercraft Authorized Dealer
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Subaru WRX / WRX Limited Wagon 2012, WeatherShield™ HP Custom Green Car Cover (C17064PN) by Covercraft®. With Rear Wing, with 2 Mirror Pockets. This cover is designed specifically to give an extremely high level of UV protection in the most sun-intense environments. Its dense construction sheds water completely and remains fully breathable while it blocks dust, pollen, and tree sap better than any Covercraft car cover - making it ideal long term vehicle storage outside. Custom-shaped to your make and model with pockets for one or both side mirrors, the bottom edging of this cover features elastic for a snug fit. Available in single color.

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  • Designed specifically to give the highest level of protection in the most sun-intense environments thanks to fabric additives that reduce cover degradation after prolonged exposure to UV rays
  • Patented EPIC by Nextec® polymer is impregnated thoroughly throughout all woven fibers of the cover
  • Available in a variety of single- and two-tone color choices
  • Dense construction sheds water but is fully breathable to let any heat, moisture or condensation under the cover escape
  • Blocks dust, pollen, and tree sap better than any Covercraft car cover
  • Ideal for keeping your vehicle cleaner during long-term storage
  • Dries faster because water does not permeate deeply into the cover
  • Color(s) are baked into all the fibers via a “Solution Dye” coloring process instead being applied only to the surface
  • Small amount of storage space required to stow when not in use
  • Sized for a custom fit on your exact make and model
  • Elastic edging surrounds all sides to create a snug fit that is just right and not too tight
  • Covercraft advises it is safe to launder the Weathershield HP in a non-commercial, home washing machine
  • 4-year manufacturer warranty
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • All sales are final for this product and it is Non-returnable

The Weathershield “HP” stands for High Performance, and that’s exactly what this cover gives you. It’s created from woven fibers impregnated with polymer additives that fill the gaps to create a cover that’s impenetrable by dirt and UV rays, yet fully allows moisture and heat underneath to escape. Not only is UV protection baked in throughout every fiber of the cover, the dye color you select is also - ensuring your cover will continue to look just as sharp without scratch marks and fading as the years roll by. Covercraft offers customization options for the HP version, and gives you a wide variety of solid and two-tone colors to choose from. You’ll also find the construction of this cover also gives the highest possible level of protection from acid rain, dust, bird droppings, and tree sap.

Use the WeatherShield™ HP Custom Car Cover regularly to prevent paint from fading, rubber from drying out, and chrome from tarnishing. And when your vehicle is covered regularly, dashboard materials remain soft without fracturing, leather doesn’t dry out, and wood trim does not crack in multiple places due to heat expansion and contraction. Additionally, the annoying chemical haze that forms on the inside of windshields from heated plastic trim will be eliminated. WeatherShield is not waterproof, but if kept clean it will repel most water - keeping your vehicle’s surface cleaner over longer stretches of time if you will not be there to attend to it yourself.

Because of the WeatherShield™ HP Custom Car Cover’s small-to-medium size, it stows in most carrying bags and can be washed in a traditional home washing machine. Due to its unique construction, it can also be dried in a normal dryer with the heat setting on. Sized for a custom fit on your vehicle with elastic edging surrounding the lower perimeter on all sides, it wraps around snugly underneath yet stretches easily when the time comes to remove the cover. Covercraft builds the WeatherShield™ HP Custom Car Cover in the United States, and backs it with a Covercraft’s longest 4-year warranty against failure resulting from manufacturing defects.

Brand: Covercraft       Part Number: C17064PN       UPC: 883890437077 This part is compatible with 5 vehicle(s)
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Founded in 1965 in the southern region of California, Covercraft® began with the efforts of two founders that were passionate automotive enthusiasts. Working out of a small shop, they began by doing what no one else was doing - creating and building car covers that were tailored for a custom fit on street rods and small European sports cars. Covercraft’s philosophy of custom fit design, continuous refinement, and materials development has earned them respect throughout the industry for products that are easy to use, soft to the touch, and durable. Because whether you’ve got a car parked outside facing an onslaught from intense hot sun, salty sea mist, tropical rain, or brutal winter weather conditions, Covercraft has the fabrics you need to maximize protection of your vehicle, at prices you can afford. CARiD offers great values on the full Covercraft product range of car covers, pickup cab covers, convertible top-down interior covers, seat covers, interior organizers, trunk organizers, and much more.

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