2012 Ford Expedition Fenders

    • Replace® - Fender
      Ford Expedition 2012, Fender by Replace®. Fenders can suffer from collision damage, rust, and dings and dents from stones and shopping carts. At the extreme such damage may make your vehicle undriveable or at the very least unsightly. A new...
      Our price: $74.58 - $147.19$74.58 20% OFF
    • Replace® - Fender Molding
      Ford Expedition 2012, Fender Molding by Replace®. Moldings are the trim pieces and brightwork that attach to the surface of the fender. They afford detail, accent body lines and even provide limited protection. They're one of the first casualties...
      Our price: $21.49 - $99.81$21.49 20% OFF

    Customer Reviews
    2012 Ford F-150
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    "I ordered a new fender for my 09 F-150 and I am completely satisfied. I received it within a few days of placing the order, and it is an exact match to the factory fender at a much lower price. "