2011 Subaru WRX Cat Converters

    • Eastern® - Direct Fit Front Catalytic Converter
      Subaru WRX STI 2011, Direct Fit Front Undercar Catalytic Converter by Eastern Catalytic®. 20.50" Overall Length. ECO II. 5 Bolt Welded. 2 Bolt Welded. If you need to replace your failed or damaged catalytic converter, this product is the right...
      Our price: $266.92$266.92
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    • Weapon-R® - CEL Eliminator
      Universal CEL Eliminator by Weapon-R®. Get rid of that annoying CEL (Check Engine Light) without affecting your car’s performance.
      Our price: $45.00$45.00
      20% OFF
    • Eastern® - Universal Catalytic Converter
      Universal Catalytic Converter by Eastern Catalytic®. Keep your exhaust emissions within specifications and your vehicle running in top condition with this quality product. Made of stainless steel, the catalytic converter is designed to reduce...
      Our price: $32.30 - $345.51$32.30
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